Spring & Summer 2018 Recap

I love spring, but I’m not the biggest fan of summer weather. Summer inspired music and the idea of summer is lovely though. Summer has great duality, it can either inspire feelings that are infectiously bright and upbeat, or slow and reflective.

Still, I prefer spring because its fairly cool and transitional in that winter goes away and flowers bloom. On the flip side, summer is the least exciting season of all both fashion and makeup wise. Sweltering heat leaves little room for creativity, clothing is mainly meant to keep you cool rather than look stylish, and in humid and hot places makeup is an impossible, melty, and oily poor decision.

This post recaps the clothing I have worn this summer and spring. I hope to refer to it next year to track my style growth.

This spring and summer I have mainly worn bright solid colors. A look that perfectly embodies what I’ve worn these past two seasons is what I wore during my college’s senior presentation day. I paired a bright yellow skirt with a creamy beige sweater and brown suede kitten heels. The yellow color is much more vibrant than pictured, I unfortunately had to brighten the images so they could look more visible. The entire outfit, plus shoes, were purchased from Ann Taylor.

I dyed my hair for my college graduation. A stylist at the Atlanta based hair salon, The Hair Loft, dyed the ends of my hair a red color with a little purple mixed in. Its now mid-August and the color is super washed out and lackluster. For the fall season, aka the best time of year, I’m unsure if I should dye it black again or another color. I plan on making more blog posts related to natural hair care and protective styles in the future.

Next year, I hope to dress a bit more stylishly during summer months by wearing bigger statement earrings, investing in cuter swimwear, and tote bags!

What kind of clothing have you worn this summer? Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments below.  ❤

I have only to break into the tightness of a strawberry, and I see summer – its dust and lowering skies.— Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

Have a great day!!

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