Study Tips 📚📚📚

I’m a music lover and for years I tried to listen to music as I study. I get bored easily and wanted to make studying feel like a party with music ranging from hip-hop to piano instrumentals. 🥳🥳🥳But I’ve discovered loud music may help me begin my study session but it often distracts me from staying focused.

1.) My first tip is if you struggle like me to focus in complete silence but also struggle to focus while listening to music like ‘study piano instrumentals’ is to try out nature sounds. In my case, my favorite of all time (listening now actually) is the sound of a campfire from the Youtube channel Relaxing White Noise

2.) Set a timer to twenty-five minutes – This is a tried and true method to push for productivity. I have a short attention span and the loop of twenty-five minutes of study followed by a 5 minute break is really helpful; especially if I feel extremely unmotivated.

3.) Study with Me Youtube videos – This genre of youtube videos is another way to kickstart study motivation. Bonus points if the studier uses the 25-minute framework, then you can just follow along without setting a timer yourself.

4.) Find the perfect study environment – I study best in my room. I really dislike libraries and coffee shops because I’m easily distracted by movement. Everyone is different, find the environment that works best for you. I personally prefer bare closed off study spaces or my own desk.

5.) Confidence – I think confidence is an important key to a successful study session. Believe you can accomplish something each day, even if it’s small because studying requires grit and practice, not brilliance. Any educational goal you have is doable if you put in the work and tailor your studies to fit your needs.

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