My Top Three Restaurant Recommendations in Dublin

1.) Celtic Nights Traditional Irish Dance Show

The price is a steal, for only $38 you get a three-course meal and a chance to see a traditional Irish dancing show with a live band. This show and food stood out during my stay as a worthwhile Irish cultural experience. The fish main course I picked from the set menu was fresh and flavorful, especially the buttery fingerling potatoes! The vegetable soup appetizer was served hot. The soup had a turnip flavor and tasted well-seasoned. Additional drinks were available for purchase at the event space. I got confused by the time slots online with my ticket purchase. I thought perhaps many shows were scheduled at different times, but there is only one show. The show begins around 9-10 pm and if you pick an early time slot you eat before the show. If you pick a later mealtime your food is served as the show begins.

2.) Kimchi Hophouse

This restaurant has Korean and Japanese fusion foods and more (spring rolls, croquettes). I loved my hot tofu and beef stew served with rice and beans. My friend and I also ordered fried chicken to share. That dish satisfied my craving for well-done yet, non-oily crispy fried chicken. This is a great spot to eat the famed Korean combination of fried chicken and beer.

3. )Michael’s Mount Merrion

Micheal’s blew me out the water, what amazing flavor! I’m no food expert, but I know if something tastes expertly flavored and this restaurant has that standard. The kitchen is partly open and the chefs prepare the seafood in the open section of the kitchen. They were super friendly and welcomed me as I came in. There is excellent customer service here. My waitress was also super sweet. The tuna tar tar was simple and fresh. My fries were perfectly salted and addictive. They were some of the best fries I’ve ever had. The warm bread and cinnamon butter tasted like the perfect combination of salty and sweet. I love warm bread and dislike when restaurants serve it cold. The lobster and shrimp main course tasted divine in the rich seafood sauce. I wish I could swim in a pool of that sauce, so delicious!

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