Aztec Secret Clay Mask

Have you tried this popular clay mask? I finally tried the Aztec Secret clay mask that was favored on Youtube years ago. It is an inexpensive mask made up of equal parts of clay powder and apple cider vinegar. I have liked using it on my face and body to clear up or prevent breakouts this past month. I love this mask because its both affordable and effective at drying down early breakouts. This mask also functions as a shampoo alternative. I’ve used it in my hair and it felt super soft and not stripped or dry afterwards. I plan on purchasing the Korean Exfoliating Bath Mitt Scrub Washcloth for dead skin cells on my body. I think a combination of using the exfoliating mitt and this mask will help make the skin appear softer and clearer. I purchased the Aztec Secret clay and silicon mask brushes from Amazon, and the Apple Cider Vinegar from my local supermarket. ❤

Aztec Secret Clay:

Silicon Mask Brushes:

Korean Exfoliating Bath Mitt Scrub Washcloth

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  1. I love things that are dual-use. A skin mask and shampoo is something hard to pass up.

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    1. Lani says:

      Me too, I was happy I had it because I actually ran out of shampoo and then used it. It’s really handy to own. 🙂

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      1. I might need to keep some on hand myself

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