Spring & Summer Outfits Recap 2019

During the transition period from winter to spring I tried to accessorize in a way that fit the approaching season. I wore earrings with flowers and other statement earrings like my white teardrop ones (handmade). During the spring, I wore lavender and other pastel colors. I think baby colors are uniquely spring-like. The lavender top worn in the last few photos is from New York and Company.

I wore heavy blush make-up looks during the spring and heeled booties with dresses throughout the season. The green dress pictured above is from Free People.

In the summer I wore all-white outfits and applied highlighter heavily. The highlight I wore in the picture above is Becca – Rose Gold. I also wore eye makeup looks made up of mainly of one color with only a little of a lighter shade on the brow bone.

I got the jeweled and sequined bathing-suit from ASOS because it reminded me of the late singer Selena. The beach pants are from Revolve. They run very long. I was inspired to buy pants like these because I saw members in a k-pop band named CLC wearing similar ones at the beach. I also styled my hair in braided hairstyles at home and used ribbon and glitter string throughout the summer.

Overall, I think I improved my summer fashion choices since last year. Still, I feel I missed the opportunity to wear more hats and bags specific to the season. I look forward to the fall because the cooler temperatures allow for cuter looks. Next summer I hope I can better meet my standards. ❤

Spring & Summer 2019

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