Candle Hour, Fall Candle Collection 🕯️

Happy Sunday night, a wonderful way to celebrate cold autumn weather is to light and enjoy a candle. Candles are perfect during chilly and rainy October and November days. I got gifted a Jo Malone candle scented lime and basil. The smell is reminiscent of what a high-quality spa would smell like, its soothing, velvety, and botanical.

I also purchased some Bath and Body Works candles from Cranberry Woods (not pictured) to White Pumpkin, Spiced Apple Toddy, Frosted Cranberry, and Fresh Balsam. I love that Bath and Body Works sells a plethora of fall-related scents. I prefer “homey” smelling scents that smell like Christmas trees like Fresh Balsam or fall staples like cranberry. From Rite Aid, I got tea light candle holders on sale for $2.00 and a pack of fall leaves scented tea lights to set the holiday season mood.

From Walmart I purchased the Apple Pie candle and Evergreen Spruce, both are effective at producing a strong enough smell to surround the room. The Evergreen candle is similar to the Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam one, it also smells like a Christmas tree. ❤

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  1. Miss Panama says:

    I love candles. I wanted to purchase Jo Malone candles. Now that you shared your experience, I will place my order.
    Love your candles collection

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    1. Lani says:

      Fantastic ❤️💚❤️I want more Jo Malone as well, best


  2. nikkidiez13 says:

    Love the owl candle holder! So cute. xx

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    1. Lani says:

      Thank you! It’s so festive!! 🌟

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