Honey Skincare – The sweetest treat 🍯

I have finally tried Farmacy honey skincare. I purchased a few products with the email sign up sale code.

Honey is beneficial for your skin because it is antibacterial, full of antioxidants, and helps create a natural glow.

Honeymoon Glow saved my face. I had a bad breakout and glow brought my skin back to its regular texture. It also made my skin soft and brighter within two uses. The directions state it can be used about two to three times a week. It is a chemical exfoliant made up of AHA/BHA/Flower Acid Blend 14%, hyaluronic acid, and honey.

Another product I adore is the Green Clay face wash. I love how gentle it is yet it also effectively cleans my skin without stripping it or aggressively physically exfoliating. The texture is like butter but without any greasiness. It is an excellent product that I’d recommend or gift anyone. The soft texture also helps dissuade you from tugging at your skin.

The oils (sunflower and ginger root oils) melt away makeup. I hope to purchase the limited edition cherry face wash as well. I think the green clay, and Honeymoon Glow impressed me the most because they either have very immediate results and or feel different from other popular products. Both items feel like a treat and are effective rather than just overpriced and hyped up.

The honey mask is the sweetest treat! It also brightened my skin and made it look hydrated. I get dryness around my mouth and around my eyebrows and it helped nourish those areas to look normal and moisturized. The honey moisturizer has little soft honey beads in it. It feels lightweight and luxuriating. Lastly, all of the products have magnetic lids! This way the little spatula tool used to obtain product stays put on the lid.

I have a few products on my skincare wish list try out:

I’m From, Ginseng Serum (highly popular and moisturizing)

Eminence pink grapefruit mask, Eminence sour cherry mask (helps increase collagen production, contains honey, and vitamin C)

Eminence Ageless Glow Trio (anti-aging skincare set)

I hope to purchase each of theses products over the winter going into the spring and review them.

Wishing you beautiful skin and fulfilled skin care wish lists! ❀

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