Hair Update – Think Dirty App & 7 Months of Protective Styles Challenge

Hey all,

I’ve adjusted to MSM and now take one spoonful a day, typically in the morning or afternoon in hot water with vitamin C as a shot. My hair appears to grow quickly but I’m unsure if it is due to MSM intake alone. I’ve been doing regular deep treatments weekly and using rosemary water as planned. My next phase for hair growth is starting the 7 months of protective styles challenge.

I’ll do box braids or passion twists most likely starting around Valentine’s Day and I’ll keep that style in for a little bit and then take it out and restyle for the next month so on and so forth. My goal is to end the challenge in late August or early September before the academic year. Once I have that added length I will then decide if I want to get another relaxer. I’ve done two relaxers so far using the ORS Olive brand but I aim not to make my hair too straight. Instead, I keep my hair textured yet straight.

I’ve discovered the Think Dirty App to look up hair and body products. This app allows you to see product ratings that are scored based on ingredient quality. I’ve noticed there is this whole wave of YouTubers blacklisting Deva Curl to share a word of caution before buying from that line. I think this app will help me in my quest to find clean and effective hair products.

First picture is of my hair the day I got it cut on December 28, 2019 and the other two pictures are from January 29, 2019 (1 month). ❤

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  1. Elena says:

    Hi Lani,
    You are going to look beautiful. I love your hair in protective styles.
    Please keep posting your process

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lani says:

      Thank you so much Elena! I will keep the blog posted, excited to share results. ❤


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