Bay Area Eats: Three Price Ranges

Middle Price Range: Fish Market, Roll House, Slapfish (pictures in listed order)

The Fish Market restaurant in Santa Clara has seafood for sale at the front of the restaurant. I ordered a tuna salad that sadly had canned tuna but still tasted satisfying. What I do recommend is the shrimp scampi, it was balanced and simple in flavor. I think this place makes a nice quick pasta lunch spot. A downside is that the menu does not have much variety.

Roll House in Santa Clara sells Korean “soul food,” or homey quick dishes like kimbap, tteokbokki, and seafood ramen. I recommend the tuna kimbap and seafood ramen. They pack the soup with fresh seafood at an affordable price and serve it hot.

Slapfish in San Jose is most well known for lobster rolls. I do feel that Cousins Maine Lobster truck sells better tasting lobster rolls but Slapfish is a close second. The reason I think the lobster truck is better is they serve more lobster and thinner bread rolls. Nevertheless, Slapfish’s side fries are addictive. I recommend choosing it as your side dish of choice.

Semi-upper price range – 10 Butchers in Santa Clara

I had a fantastic service and dining experience at 10 Butchers. It is an upscale Korean BBQ spot on El Camino Real. The waiters all came out and sang Happy Birthday to my relative and made a dessert for us with cookies, strawberries, and whipped cream. They additionally give away many complementary dishes like fish cakes and a dessert beverage made of Yuzu or Yuja. Have you heard of Yuzu before? It was my first time learning about this fruit and the waiter explained it is a hybrid made from mandarin and papeda (citrus).

Learn more about Yuzu here

Semi-upper price range – Seafood Boil in San Jose at Kickin Crab

We ordered the lobster and Dungeness crab seafood boil with the Kickin seasoning (a mix made of all flavors) at Kickin Crab in San Jose. I recommend the Kickin mix with medium spice if you like spicy food because it tasted flavorful yet not overwhelmingly spicy. We also ordered Cajun fries but I do not recommend them because I found them too thin and hard to chew. Overall, I enjoyed the seafood boil at Kickin Crab and I’d rate is 7.5 out of 10.

Upper Price Range: The Calmére Estate Winery in Napa

Calmére Winery is located neck-deep in Napa Valley. After a journey up long roads, that were seemingly unending, lies a small jewel called Calmére. This winery is surrounded by green glowing grass and bright blue skies. I attended their buffet-style Valentine’s day brunch. The event had excellent customer service and food. The waitstaff generously refilled the wine throughout the afternoon. This winery often has events in celebration of holidays and regular wine tastings. ❤

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