Recycled Clothing Brand & Color Inspired Outfits


Vanessa Mooney is a brand I love because its locally made in Los Angeles, CA. A major bonus is that they use recycled fabrics! I love supporting smaller businesses that encourage environmentally conscious shopping. Though I do partake in fast fashion I’m trying to cut down. I love the romantic aesthetic of Venessa Mooney’s clothing and jewelry.

Another small brand I love is Telfar. I love the faux leather classic design and I plan on purchasing one to use this fall for my notebooks and laptop.

I gravitate towards the 70s and 80s inspired outfits because of two distinctive points in my life. 80s fashion is dear to my heart because I grew up during a major 80s clothing revival period during the mid-2000s. I vividly remember the transition from baggy pants to colorful skinny jeans sported in hues ranging from cherry red or emerald. I would always watch my older sister and her high school friends listening to Slick Rick while wearing thick gold chains layered over short-sleeved shirts. Later I grew a likeness for the 70s inspired clothing popular in California at the time. I still enjoy the 80s and 70s fashion wave.

Brands like Venessa Mooney and Stoned Immaculate cater to vintage-inspired looks and I plan on doing my spring and summer clothing shopping at both stores. Lately, I’ve enjoyed taking pictures of nature and creating outfits based on the colors I see. ❤

Color Inspiration

Shades of Blue

Urban Outfitters dress in blue

Pink, Peach, & Fuchsia

Vanessa Mooney Romper
Sunset colors in nails and earrings

Now that Spring is almost here, get inspired by the colors around you

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