NuFace Trinity Review

Have you ever considered microcurrent face treatments at home? NuFace Trinity includes 3 attachments: (1) a larger microcurrent attachment that contours the face and helps “face-lift” larger sections of your face and the sides of your neck (pictured at the top).

(2) an LED attachment that works as a wrinkle reducer for the face and entire neck

Picture from NuFace Site

(3) one small lip and eye microcurrent attachment for a more targeted treatment. This attachment is used in the same areas as the larger microcurrent attachment. Both micro-current attachments are not recommended for use in the middle of the neck. The set additionally includes a small primer gel.

Picture from NuFace Site

NuFace requires regular use. Though there is an immediate difference the effect is only temporary. Regular use works best because this device is essentially facial massage or light therapy and no one would expect one facial massage to permanently lift his or her face forever.

I like to use this device to relax and as a preventive measure against premature wrinkles with the red light attachment. While my mother likes to use the micro-current attachments and she notices a drastic “face-lift” difference wherein one side of her face is noticeably higher and tighter than the untreated side.

The NuFace Trinity set is pricey at $499 however there are payment plans available as well. The gel primer is necessary to use for the micro-current attachments. I recommend only applying gel to the section you are currently working on because if you apply it to your whole face it will dry and waste but if you work on one section at a time (forehead, then cheekbones etc) the gel will give you more bang for your buck.

The only place I noticed I could purchase a large sized bottle of NuFace gel is on Amazon. For some reason the NuFace site does not currently have large bottles of the primer gel for sale.

I recommend this product because it is easy to use and charge. Cleaning is also easy, I use paper towel with rubbing alcohol to clean after any attachment use. Importantly, the difference is immediate so it is excellent to use before a special occasion as well.<3

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