The Bright Edit

TODAY is a Beautiful day ~

This is the start of a two part series consisting of The Bright Edit & The Dark Edit blog posts. In this post I share reviews of morning related products.

Here’s my morning playlist that consist of upbeat songs to sing in the shower and while getting ready.

A great way to wake up your face in the morning is to double cleanse with cold water. A scrub mask can exfoliate and brighten the complexion in the morning. I’ve been using three different face scrubs recently. One of which is the Klairs Youthful Glow Sugar Mask. This vegan mask has grapefruit extract, raspberry seed oil, and shea butter. What I like about this mask is that you can control the exfoliation amount with the dampness of your face. The instructions state to apply the product on a damp face, I find that if my face is super damp the mask acts as a moisturizer and if it is less damp the sugar crystals remain harder and the mask acts more as a physical exfoliator.

The mask is on the course side as a sugar scrub so I do like and prefer to use it on my upper body. I love using it on my underarms and upper body as it leaves it with a sugary grapefruit clean scent and exfoliates the skin effectively.

I can see a difference in how bright my completion looks after using this mask for 10 minutes.

I hit the jackpot and Sokoglam sent me the Missha Time Resolution serum for free with my purchase. I’d been eyeing this serum for a while so I was super excited to try it out. Surprisingly, the product actually turned out more impressive than I anticipated. The serum makes my face feel extremely soft. I’m unsure why it works so well for me. I typically find that Korean serums on Sokoglam are kind of hit or miss for my sensitive skin because many products have fragrance. Sometimes my skin reacts super negatively to fragrance others times it just slightly gets irritated or not at all. But this product does not have any fragrance.

The key ingredient is mugwort extract for hydration. Mugwort also has anti-inflammatory properties as well. This serum is the perfect morning skincare product because it hydrates and calms redness. It leaves my skin with this butter-baby soft feeling, that does not feel weighted or as if it is just sitting on top of my face. It is the perfect 1st step skincare. ❤

Pictured wearing Venessa Mooney Skort-Dress – THE ORIGINAL ELISABETH and For Love and Lemons pink cover dress

What are your favorite morning skincare products?

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