Hair Care for Bleached, Blonde & Honey Brown Natural Hair ๐Ÿ’œ

Blonde Shampoo Non-Drying

I recently blenched my hair and dyed it honey blonde-brown to match my hair extensions. I started using purple Shiny Silver Ultra Conditioning Shampoo and I was pleasantly surprised by how soft it made my hair. My natural hair can become very fragile and dry easily and most shampoos even ones made for natural hair are often too drying for me. However, this conditioning shampoo works as directed, it reduces yellowness, brassiness and it leaves my hair soft. I bought both the shampoo and Hawaiian Silky conditioner from Sally’s in-store. I purchased the shampoo for $13 but I found out in my online search that it is sold for only $5.59 at Bed Bath & Beyond so I recommend purchasing it cheaper online than in-store at Sallys. My mother has bleached hair as well and she also uses the same hair products. The shampoo works for both of our natural hair textures.

The Hawaiian Silky conditioner I like but I was not extremely impressed with. I would describe the conditioner as hydrating but not hydrating enough for my hair texture to rinse out completely. In other words, I have to leave some of it in to maintain softness. Overall, its an excellent affordable conditioner for only $5-6. What are your top choices for blonde hair care products? โค

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