My Puppy’s (Estrellita’s) Favorites

Pawfume Blue Ribbon Premium Grooming & Finishing Spray – This dog perfume is unisex and has a fresh clean scent. It beats her previous baby powder cologne she used beforehand because this scent is less chemical smelling and it lasts longer. I also have noticed it makes her fur softer too. I purchased the cologne from Amazon and many reviews rave about this cologne for bigger dogs, messy puppies, and regular use in-between baths.

Gentle Wipes Baby Powder for Puppies – These wipes are sold at several pet shops. I love using them on her paws after walking outside. The baby powder scent is not overpowering and they effectively clean her light colored fur.

Tent Room with a lamp from Target – I’ve wanted a pet tent room for some time but I had a dilemma. I struggled to find one that was big enough to fit her crate. The dog tents that were extra large on Etsy were $250-400 on average. The pet tents sold online were either too small or too low in height for a crate or sold out. Then I thought why not use a kid’s tent instead because the width should be large enough to fit a crate and the cost was typically only $35-60. I decided to get this pink play tent from Target with a fairy lights chandelier for $45. The lamp comes with batteries. Her crate fit in perfectly and she immediately loved her new room.

Petco sweater dress with plaid skirt bottom – I find Petco clothing a bit hit or miss in sizing because my maltipoo is long but too small for size small clothing sometimes. However, the sweater dress fit her well though a little loose at the top but its a good thing because I’m sure her neck felt more comfortable with the extra space.

The Bear & the Rat Pumpkin Cinnamon Frozen Yogurt cups from Petco – My puppy LOVES these yogurt cups. They soothe her sore gums because she’s been loosing so many baby teeth these days. So far I’ve found three of her teeth on the floor. I let her eat half of the cup and then pop it back into the freezer and give her the other half another day.

Etsy Christmas dress and hand knit sweater dress pictured above – I love the craftsmanship of both dresses above. Both were delivered promptly at great prices, custom-made, and have excellent customer service.

Christmas photo competition photos, she won the contest!

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