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How are you all doing and feeling this holiday season? I’ve been a bit busy with my PhD and graduate studies planning however I still feel super grateful for so many things in my life.

In this part of the two part series I have two recommendations for skincare Elemis Superfood Blackcurrant exfoliator and Elemis Peptide Plumping Pillow Facial and one candle recommendation Foundry Mistletoe.

What I appreciate about the blackcurrant exfoliator is that it is gentle enough for every day use, nondrying, nonirritating because it does not leave my skin red, its vegan, and it effectively gets rid of any gunky oil or impurities on the skin with gentle circular motions. Additionally, it does not require aggressive scrubbing and it is currently on sale on the site Mankind for $28, this is the link.

Elemis Peptide Plumping Pillow Facial feels pillowy unsurprisingly. I love the subtle relaxing smell sweetened by jasmine and sweet orange for the ultimate at-night destress experience. I am a sucker for gel moisturizers because they instantly absorb into the skin rather than sit on top. This overnight face mask does not disappoint because it provides that instant hydration. A key ingredient is Peptide4, as we all know from basic biology peptide chains naturally occur in amino acids and the peptide4 ingredient derived from yeast helps add more of it to the skin to boost the overnight skin revitalization process.

My candle recommendation smells like a winter forest, the mistletoe candle from the brand Foundry. I purchased mine from Bed Bath & Beyond. I recommend this $6 candle because the throw is fantastic for the cost. The scent is christmassy, warm, and woodsy. I love the mercury glass jar it comes in and the size of the candle. It is about the size of a large navel orange. I’d make a great last minute gift for yourself or a friend.

Happy Holidays, take care of yourself ❀

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