Bay Area Eats Series

Mexi-tamalli ~ Chocolate Mole, Tamales

Hands down I already know when I make my final best food Bay Area Eats round up this year this food truck will get featured. Mexi-tamalli is run by two women and they create tasty, creative, thoughtful, and ambitious tamales at affordable prices. I ordered three and the price came up to $15.50 and rounded up to $16.90 with tax. The chocolate mole tamale was perfectly seasoned and the chocolate-chili aroma delighted the senses as an ideal pre-Valentines treat. The pork tamale tasted crispy and non-oily and the chicken tamale tasted lightly sweetened by the sweet corn. I ordered my tamales already prepared with sauces. I recommend enjoying the dish with the traditional sauces. I highly recommend checking them out. They often park on Saturdays at the Santa Clara Town Center. ❤

See you in the next installment, let me know your South Bay food recommendations ~

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Heena Cho says:

    I enjoyed reading your series of Bay Area Eats! I am a big dessert lover really want to try chocolate mole tamale it looks yummy! Looking forward to your next series of Bay Area Eats Series!


    1. Lani says:

      Thank you! I also have a sweet tooth, a restaurant feature coming up has flan with chocolate cake and pomegranate seeds on the menu, its super delish! 🍮🍮🍮


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