An ice cube a day keeps the pores away ~ Hello Spring Haul


I purchased some goodies from Sokoglam, ByTerry, and Target. I have some recommendations and finds below:

Target Candle, The Collection, Tea Leaves – Amazing spring celebratory candle. It is not a floral scent, it smells like sweetened green tea, herbal, and fresh. It has good throw in the medium sized room I put it in. I love that this scent is just universally pleasant and neutral rather than super feminine or masculine. It smells calming yet noticeable and it does not upset my nose or eyes. I dislike purchasing scented candles with no punch or smell because I feel it just defeats the purpose. But this candle is so good I purchased another one and also the White Citron candle from the same line.

Target Candle, Opalhouse, Neon Guava – I use this candle in my bedroom and it fills up the entire room fairly quickly. The scent is mellow, sweet, and fruity. Like The Collection line, Opalhouse is another brand that carries nicely scented candles at an affordable price. Specifically, I’ve found Opalhouse depression glass jar candles perform the best from their range because the scents smells the strongest in their jar candle type.

Tree Hut Body Scrub in Exotic Bloom – I always recommend Tree Hut body scrubs because I prefer non-oily scrubs and an exfoliated-clean feel after use. The exotic bloom scent made with lavender and hemp is strong, floral, and just fantastically spring / summer. This scrub makes not only you but the whole shower smell great.

ByTerry Cellularose Nutri Pure Face Wash – This is my top splurge recommendation on this list. The signature rose scent of their products simply makes you feel special. This face wash is amazing because lathers well, is scented with rose, and non-drying.

ByTerry Dual Exfoliation Face Scrub – This face scrub has very small fine particles to exfoliate that are not sharp or abrasive feeling. It is completely an everyday appropriate scrub. The rose scent is present and lovely just like the face wash.

Vitamin C face wash – I like this face wash because it is exfoliating however it is a bit difficult to make into a paste. This face wash is a powder that becomes a paste when mixed in damp hands. If my hands are too wet it becomes liquidly and less effective. All in all, I do like using it but its my least favorite purchase in this haul.

Vitamin C serum – LOVE this vitamin c serum! It completely faded the pigmentation I had on my face from a recent breakout in one week. I feel like my face looks even and balanced again. I highly recommend checking this out.

Vitamin C mask – This is a clay-like consistency mask that functions to brighten the complexion. I like that the mask is less drying and thick than the average clay mask, it has small exfoliating beads as well. This entire vitamin c line at Sokoglam has all together made my complexion brighter.

Bee Venom – I’ve reviewed and recommended this before and will continue to purchase it as a splurge every now and then. I love using this balm at night all over my face and neck. I’ve found that I wake up with smaller pores when I use this balm (and an ice cube twice daily, of course).

Licorice toner – I got this toner for free with my order. I’m happy they sent this because I would have not picked it out myself. The licorice feels so nice on my face and it makes my skin feel more awake and clean in the mornings. It has green tea extract and peony extract as well.

Licorice eye cream – I have not had any adverse reaction to this eye cream as someone with sensitive eyes. It has many useful ingredients like green tea and caffeine. I like that this eye cream is in a tube making it easy to use on-the-go or traveling. The consistency is perfect, it is less thick than the Youth to the People eye cream and other popular products. This makes it easier to apply, it sinks in a single application.

Saturday Skin Brightening eye cream – This eye cream also has a functional design with a pump making it on-the-go friendly. The eye cream mainly functions to brighten than to help with wrinkles or plump the skin like the Licorice eye cream above. Saturday Skin is a great brand and they make effective brightening and exfoliating products in my opinion. I think this eye cream suits someone with little eye care concerns in the market for something moisturizing and brightening.

Nivea Body Lotion in Cherry Blossom – I choose the Cherry Blossom lotion scent to embody cherry blossom season. This lotion is lighter than the coco-butter ones from this line and therefore more seasonally appropriate for hotter weather.

Jo Malone Vitamin E lip balm – Is this a lip balm or sorcery? As soon as I apply this lip treatment any and all dryness disappears. It feels nourishing and non-greasy. I love it so much that I use it throughout the day. ❤

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  1. Elena says:

    Thank you so much for the tips. I am definitely getting the eye cream and the Nívea body lotion. Your posts are always so helpful. Love them all!!!


    1. Lani says:

      Thank you Elena, I always appreciate your comments. Much love 🌟💕🌟


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