Coloring hair at home, new hair products & no water needed leave-in

I cut off all of my hair last summer. I got my hair colored honey blonde at Stocks and Blonde salon in San Jose. I loved the color but disliked the brassiness caused by not using the correct products at first. Additionally, the colorist left patches of my hair un-colored with bright yellow bleach.

Since my (third) big chop, I’ve been exploring different hair products to grow my hair out. I purchased three Oribe hair products: leave-in, deep treatment, and curl control. The leave-in smells delightful and floral. Importantly, I can maintain moisture in my hair for at least 2 days without reapplying. The deep treatment does make my hair soft and the curl control works as well to moisturize. I will update if this product helps with faster hair growth.

However, the real star product for daily use is Palmers Coconut Oil leave-in, one word, effective. Finally, I no longer have water dripping down from my hair to my neck because this product moisturizes with little to no water. I just spritz some in and use my detangling brush and add one to two spritzes of water from my spray bottle and my hair is ready to go. It looks moisturized and feels soft. I have never had a daily hair leave-in work this well for me since I first went natural in 2013.

Overall, Oribe products are a fun splurge but Palmers Coconut Oil leave-in is most useful for day-to-day use.

Best Leave-in for moisture retention!!

I colored my hair at home with L’Oreal Honey Blonde and Volume 20 Developer. I only purchased 2 boxes of the honey blonde but I think I needed three boxes for better coverage. I additionally could have used volume 30 developer for brighter/lighter color but I wanted to minimize hair damage and practice with volume 20. I mixed equal parts color to developer and applied it to my hair roots to ends for 20 minutes. Then, rinsed and shampooed with color safe shampoo. I’m very happy with the results and lack of brassiness. I added a little flaxseed gel to the front for definition. ❤

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