Bay Area Eats Series – Final Wrap-Up!


This post marks the end of the Bay Area Eats Series! More food reviews on the way, just not limited to this series. At the bottom find the top five recommendations.

SiFuWong Kitchen – Best Chinese in South Bay – New York City style Cantonese Chinese food!!

I was so happy to discover SiFuWong Kitchen restaurant because they specialize in Cantonese style Chinese food that mirrors the flavors popular in Chinatown New York City. They have roasted meats and handmade dumplings, and most importantly (because its my favorite) ginger chicken! Nothing beats roasted chicken with fresh ginger sauce for me. I asked for the ginger sauce on the side. This restaurant has ample covered outdoor seating near a Ramada hotel pool. I’ve eaten outside and we got there at the perfect time right after re-opening at 5pm to avoid crowds, we had the entire outdoor patio to ourselves.

LUNA Mexican Kitchen – The Pruneyard – We ordered pozole and Chocoflan, chocolate cake and flan dessert from LUNA. I’m featuring this Mexican restaurant, that caters to Mexican-American style flavors, because they make excellent cocktails, offer outdoor seating and the chocoflan dessert with pomegranate seeds tasted just the right amount of devilish sweet.

El Ranchero Del Sur

This taco truck makes flavorful tacos and other simple Mexican dishes on par to something purchased in San Diego or Mexico. The flavors are there, the meats are seasoned properly with fruits and spices like pineapple and carved off the skewer.


*Listed in no particular order

1.) Los Gallos Taqueria – Flavorful & authentic

I highly recommend Los Gallos restaurant in Menlo Park because they dish out consistently wonderful dishes that are addictingly flavorful. I’ve ordered food from here on several occasions and each time they met my expectations. This eatery is well worth the visit for a quick lunch.

2.) Miramar Beach Restaurant at Half Moon Beach – Location, location, location

I recommend this restaurant because I love that it has parking, though the lot is often full, and importantly its located next to the beach! Outdoor dinners enjoy an ocean view with their meal. It does get breezy because of this so light layers are useful.

3.) Ramen Hajime – Savory & balanced pork ramen

I love getting take out from Ramen Hajime because their Japanese style cakes are light, fluffy, and not overly sweet. As mentioned previously, the pork ramen is always made to perfection.

4.) 10 Butchers – Upscale Korean BQQ & excellent customer service

I recommend 10 Butchers because I believe it was the best upscale Korean I had in the South Bay. The meats tasted high quality and fresh and the waiters were all warm, helpful and kind. The flavors are mellow compared to the standard Korean restaurant so its a great place to go for those who do not like too much spice or boldness in their food.

5.) The Calmére Estate Winery in Napa – Memorable, one-of-kind, hospitality

I’ll never forget the Valentines Day picnic I attended at Calmére winery. From the lush sweeping green hills to the overflowing wine refills, jolly wait staff and delicious food. Its a great winery to seek out during a shorter trip to Napa, specifically to attend any of their events.

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