My Puppy’s 1st Birthday!


It was my Estrellita’s first birthday June 28th, and in this post I share the dog patio oceanfront restaurant we went to, her birthday cake bakery, and more.

Biscuits, Give a Dog a Bone – 223 Jackson St, San Jose, CA 95112 – This pet store and bakery is located in Japan Town San Jose. There is no parking lot but there is street parking and a larger section of street parking for Japan Town as a whole down the block that is free on the weekends. We got here early around 9:40am and had no issue finding a parking spot. I recommend coming early but the store does open firmly at 10 am on Saturday and 11 am every other day of the week. Also note that if you wish to go to other restaurants or stores in Japan Town the majority open 11am to 11:30 and around lunch time the parking lot gets busier as well.

This pet boutique offers toys, human-grade fresh treats, and a small selection of clothing. The costumer service is fantastic and the store set-up is clean, colorful, and inviting.

We purchased her birthday cake in advance and the cost was $21, when my mom went to the store to pick up she also purchased freshly baked birthday cookies. These cookies were a BIG hit, she loved it even more than the cake and immediately began to eat it. She especially loved the frosting.

We got a small piñata and I added in some Mint Cookie Crunch dog treats inside it. This was another hit for her because she really enjoyed ripping into the piñata! I additionally bought her birthday look and a travel outfit from Lutii on Etsy. Lutii is a handmade luxury dog clothing boutique. I got a size 6 in her harnesses, her measurements are 9 inch neck and 14 inch chest. Lutii has excellent customer service and the delivery timing was quick. I love the attention to detail and matching leashes in pink and cornflower blue. I ordered the leashes separately from the store.

Moss Beach Distillery – 140 Beach Way, Moss Beach, CA 94038

This oceanfront restaurant offers a dog menu and dog friendly patio. The reviews are raving. This place is popular and it gets particularly packed on the patio. We had a less than stellar experience with the hostesses at the front but the the waiters where all kind. The weather was a little overcast and it was very chilly that day. This restaurant was built by Frank Torres in 1927 and it is a historic site because it functioned as a hotspot during prohibition to smuggle alcohol into California and it also is famous because it is hunted by a ghost called the Blue Lady. Read more about the restaurant’s history here. We ordered burger patties for Estrellita and it smelled super delicious! I was happy that the dog menu appears crafted and cooked with love.

At the end of the day, we just laughed at the good and bad experiences at Moss Beach Distillery and blamed the Blue Lady for it all, especially the bad weather because everywhere else besides this area of Pacifica was sunny. Spooky…..👻

I struggled to get her to keep on her birthday hat, especially the pink one from Amazon but I managed to mangle a few pictures. Overall, we were happy she got to experience new things for her birthday and we will make sure she continues to have fun all summer! She has her life vest ready for fun in the sun.


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