Hair Update, Body Peel, Zoom – Summer Makeover!

Summer makeover playlist ❤

Micro-link Hair Extensions

So I went natural again after relaxer damage caused by a hair stylist in PA back in 2019. I enjoyed my back-to-natural moment in 2020 but I quickly realized its not want I wanted. I wanted long healthy relaxed hair but the damage caused by that stylist and hair vitamins was to great to keep growing out my hair relaxed. The MSM “challenge” was a fail because the headaches were unbearable for me. I struggle to believe hair gurus on YouTube since then. Mixing in vitamin c did not help nor did drinking the MSM as a shot.

Since the damage was irreversible, I do not regret going natural and big chopping but after my hair got healthy again I decided I wanted a relaxer. Now that I’m relaxed again, I’m coloring hair dark brown / black to match my extensions for my upcoming mico link hair appointment.

Extensions look too thin

I purchased relaxed textured micro link extensions custom made from Better Length. They take 10-18 days to create extension orders. I bought two bundles of 20 inch relaxed hair extensions (link to extensions). 100 pieces come in each bundle. After receiving my extensions, I felt like they looked and felt too thin so I additionally purchased more extensions with a more kinky texture from Perfect Distraction. I will review them after my installation.

I found a small salon in San Jose, CA that knows how to install textured hair. I will share her details after my appointment and review the process. I had a consultation with her and she is an expert in micro links, speaks English & Spanish, requires a down payment, and has a small parking lot in front of her salon. I’ll share more later when I reveal my hair makeover.

Affordable Zoom Teeth Whitening in South Bay

I decided to get zoom teeth whitening at Smile Center Silicon Valley because they have competitive pricing that is similar to cheaper prices in Los Angeles. Here Zoom costs $299 out-of-pocket, comparatively the majority of in-office Zoom whitening services in the South Bay are at least $500 to $800 plus per person. Zoom consists of three 15-30 minute sessions. I only was able to do two sessions because I experienced some pain and sensitivity. My teeth became much whiter afterwards and now that the foundation is whiter at-home teeth whitening products will become more effective. I plan to continue to commit to at-home whitening to get a brighter smile. I also have been consistently drinking beverages with a straw and brushing my teeth after drinking or eating anything darkly colored.


post Zoom – only 2 of 3 sessions

🍍Esty Body Peel & Products

Yellow Peeling Oil – This peel oil is not for the faint hearted. I do not recommend it unless you’re serious about skin peeling or have super dark spots on your body. This product is extremely active and makes your skin feel extremely itchy. But it does work. The way I used it is by diluting it with equal parts water and applying it with gloves and brush for 20 minutes and then washing it off in the shower. After 4 days the skin started to peel like a snake but it showed no signs of peeling before the 4th day. Thus the product does require some patience and careful skin management to make sure you customize it via diluting to fit your skin needs.

Pineapple Turmeric Body Scrub – This brightening scrub smells strongly and sweetly of pineapple and helps rid body skin of imperfections and uneven skin tone. I use it sparingly and I have not noticed any major changes but it does make my skin soft and more even.

Pineapple Turmeric Body Soap – This soap is from the seller listed above. They package their products thoughtfully and the pineapple scent is very pleasing, making it a great gift. I use this soap sparingly as well because when I used it 3 days in a row I noticed a little irritation on my underarms.

Facial ingrown hair peel – I love the herbal medicinal smell of this facial oil. It has not peeled my skin but it has helped push ingrown hairs come to the surface in a similar way to the popular fur oil.

The summer makeover continues…

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