Micro Link Extension Results


House Of Beauty By Karla

 250 Race St, San Jose, CA 95126, United States

I got my micro link extensions done by Karla and her hair assistant. It took about 4.5 hours for both of them to install. I LOVE my results, I did not expect the hair to blend as well as it does or for the hair to feel so light. I used both of the bundles I purchased from Perfect Distraction and a little bit of one bundle from Better Length. Karla explained Perfect Length hair is superior quality and Better Length hair bundles have split ends.

She was incredibly impressed with Perfect Distraction’s hair. After moving to Spain I visited another hair stylist originally from Venezuela in Marbella who is familiar with kinky hair, relaxed hair and she too explained Perfect Distraction is good quality hair. My hair is slightly darker than my extensions so I will color it to blend better. I plan on additionally trying different styles. Overall, Beauty by Karla exceeded my expectations for install and I do not regret taking the risk to try micro links. Karla is truly a hair wizard and expert.

Have you ever tried hair extensions or micro links? What was your experience like? ❤

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