Luggage Forward International Shipping Review


Have you ever tried shipping your suitcases rather than checking them in at the airport?

I used Luggage Forward to ship five suitcases to Spain from the USA.


Excellent customer service

Fast shipping ahead of deadline – My suitcases were scheduled for the first of August but they actually arrived only 3 days after handing them over to DHL for pickup on July 23rd!

Easy process – Luggage Forward sent me the luggage tags printed out and a sheet of paper per suitcase to put inside the suitcase for customs if they were to open the suitcase


Customer service – A pro is customer service and it also stands as a con because one employee in particular though polite was a little unclear and unable to relay information correctly about luggage pickup. However, other employees understood the process better and called me back to explain where our DHL driver was for luggage pick up. Luckily he called to explain the driver’s whereabout because the driver was lost as to how to find my previous apartment.

Fast shipping – The package arriving ahead of time is both a pro and con because I was not yet in Spain but my suitcases were already here. In this case, I needed to have an authorized person claim my suitcases. I had my relator claim them and he kindly held my bags for me in his home. The fast shipping process can be a con if you do not have anyone in your destined country to claim suitcases. Nevertheless, I imagine most people will ship to a hotel and I’m sure the hotel front desk and claim and store luggage but it is something to keep in mind.

Cost – Luggage Forward amounted to over $1,400 to send all five suitcases (2 large, 2 medium, 1 small) to Spain. Personally, I think peace of mind and happiness are priceless and lugging all these suitcases through the airport / customs would have been nightmarish. Also, given that the suitcases arrived in only 3 days, clean and like new I may add, it was worth it in my opinion.

Overall, I was very happy with Luggage Forward. The quickness of the delivery is noteworthy and the customer service above-and-beyond. I highly recommend their service.

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