Malta trip packing & outfits

Packing Smartly….

I got packing bags from Amazon to organize my travel more efficiently. They were useful to organize my clothes and to zip away used clothing. I additionally traveled with a hiking sneaker. I received many compliments from strangers while traveling on my hiking shoes for their functionality. They are the most useful item I brought on the trip!

Another packing tip I have for Malta is layers. I was happy I packed some long sleeve layers to avoid the sun’s direct heat and a lightweight hiking pant that I wore to the Cathedral and religious sites. I also brought my old sequined swimsuit from ASOS (previously blogged on and linked) to dress up a simple beach look. I packed one ball cap that I wore almost everyday of the trip to protect my head. I am very happy with how I packed for the trip. The only slip up I made is not having the correct adaptor, Malta does not use the same standard adaptor I packed from Spain. ❤

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