Move over Donna Karan, hello Fine deodorant!


I’ve used Donna Karan deodorant for over 6 years. It was the only deodorant that worked for me because the powdery fresh scent diluted the smell of sweat. However, in recent years I’ve noticed a formula change and as result the deodorant is significantly less effective. On top of this, its constantly sold out and sold at a higher price.

I visited El Corte Ingles and I stumbled upon a vegan all-natural deodorant from the brand Fine. I purchased the cedar and bergamot scent and I’m so impressed by the longevity. It leaved no white-cast, it completely sinks into my skin and I wake up with dry odorless underarms when I apply it before bed.

The deodorant is made of essential oils like cinnamon and free of aluminum salts, dyes, artificial fragrances and preservatives. The packaging is sustainable and the product is alcohol free. Read more here – have you heard of this brand? Have you ever tried a cream or paste deodorant? ❤

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