Self Care to the Max continued

Foods & Drinks & Health

Tart Cherry Juice – Immunity-boosting cherry juice is something I’ve been reaching for this winter season. Tart cherry juice can additionally reduce muscle pain, improve sleep, and prevent cancer. Read more on cherry juice and improved sleep here

Fresh Pomegranate seeds – These seeds are full of antioxidants, I love adding them to yogurt for breakfast! What’s your take on pomegranate seeds, love or hate?

Peanut butter & jelly wrap – I’ve been making comfort food lately mac and cheese, pasta, loads of chicken soup slow-cooked, and my re-invented peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I heat up the peanut butter and jelly in a flour tortilla on the stove in a skillet. The peanut butter and jelly flavors taste more pronounced in my opinion because the tortilla is thinner than bread.

Fancy brunch to-go – A nice self-love act I’ve sparingly been doing is ordering in a brunch spread from top-rated brunch spots for delivery!

Mouth health – not a food or drink but more regular use of hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses is something I’ve done this winter. Gargling hydrogen peroxide every once in a while has antibacterial properties and I think it’s an excellent preventive measure ( it clears out your throat) in addition to washing your hands and cleaning your nostrils (not glamorous but a good act of self-care) after spending prolonged time with others or outside.

Body Care, Skincare, & Room

Lavido Thera Intensive Body Cream – This is one of the best night creams I’ve ever purchased. The scent is spa-like and light, it immediately sinks in without an oily film. I love the hydrating and luxe quality of this body cream, I bought two more on sale. I originally purchased it for my mom’s birthday but then I could not stop trying to use some too; had to get more for myself and my mom.

Child Perfume – I tried out this perfume on a whim and at first I disliked the scent. It smells like oil and gardenias. However, after applying it to my wrists and waiting a few minutes the scent changed to a more neutral musky flower fragrance. I like using it at home on my wrists and arms.

Underarm detox mask – I purchased the Megababes underarm mask from Target because I experienced irritation after switching to natural deodorants. I did not know that if you switch to new natural deodorants without chemicals your armpits will purge out the unnatural ingredients that have been applied over the years and this creates irritation.

In regards to this mask, when I first applied it I put too much on and applied some excessively around my underarm area as well for 7 minutes (without a timer) and I experience some irritation. The next time I used it only on my underarm area and I left it on for only 4-5 minutes (as the instructions state) and I started my timer while applying the mask to make sure I did not leave it on too long. I did not experience any irritation this time around.

First Botany Eucalputus body scrub – I purchased a eucalyptus body scrub to lighten my underarms after the rash and to use on my feet as well for muscle pain. I like the scrub and my underarms have lightened but I’m unsure if it’s due to the scrub or the lightning in-grown hair serum from European Wax Center or even the detox mask or perhaps a combination of all these things. I probably won’t repurchase because there are so many other scrubs out there but it is not oily. It does have moisturizing properties and leaves back a little shea butter-like feeling after use but it’s not overdone.

African Botanics body products – I purchased this brand’s cellulite lotion and stretch mark oil from Revolve. I’ve used the stretch mark oil from this brand before and I saw a difference in my legs. I’ve had stretch marks since I was 8 years old from gymnastics and the super-fast growth of my legs as a child. My stretch marks are more muted after one bottle and I imagine now with bottle number two they may just disappear. The cellulite lotion I just started using so I will need to continue to use it to review. But the consistency of the lotion is thick and it looks almost like a mud mask but applies as regular lotion does.

Wander Eye Masks from Sokoglam – I’m so happy with these eye masks because 1 the instructions are clear, 2 the gold foil makes it easy to identify which side goes up on your face, 3 they do not slide down!!! I can put them on and put on my blue-light-blocking glasses and get back to whatever I was doing. Their serum is just enough for 10-15 minutes of use and the serum does not burn or irritate my eyes.

Sleep Well Bedtime Pillow Mist in Lavender Honey – I got a sample of this pillow mist from Anthropologie and I knew I had to get the full bottle. I love that it does what it advertises, instant relaxation. The smell is natural and not perfumey or overpowering it just makes me want to fall asleep. 💤 

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