Remembering Estepona Spain & Estepona Eats!

Hello and happy Superbowl Sunday (to Americans and others who watch the sport & happy regular Sunday to all else)<3

Here is the photo journal of my summer in Estepona Spain 2021. I had many unforgettable memories and a few low points as well. I ended up not liking the rental home we had as much as I expected and the owner was not the best to work with. Nevertheless, I am happy I went and forced my mother to go as well because she has always wished to travel to Spain. I hope to return to Spain someday and visit more major cities and historical sites!

The rental home

Notes from a walk around town

Estepona Eats

Restaurante El Cortijo was our favored place to eat and their wine slow-cooked oxtail hands down our favorite dish. The service is exceptional in-house and the take-out quality was routinely top-notch. I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in Estepona. They serve the side dish complimentary bread warmed (something I found unfortunately not common at other restaurants) and service each customer kindly. ❤

Bonus video ~ visual candy

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