Spring Cleaning from Within, a week-long juice cleanse🌸🌸🌸

Last week I did a juice cleanse and sandwich combo to initiate spring cleaning from the inside out. After completing my week successfully, I treated myself to a visit. During my week-long juice cleanse I drank green juice for breakfast with fruit juice (grapefruit, pomegranate, or cherry) and green juice for lunch. I drank my juices with a straw to avoid tooth damage from time to time. I additionally once had some hot cereal for lunch because I was a little hungrier that day. I avoided unhealthy snacks and had diet ice creams, popcorn, or hot cereal to satisfy any late-night cravings. For dinner, I ate sandwiches (one to two) with avocado on the side. I loved using cucumber vinegar on my lettuce and tomatoes and heating up my deli meats with sweet onion on the skillet. I lost weight during the cleanse but, I’m unsure how much because I do not own (and never want to lol) a scale so I will find out my weight once I visit the doctor for my yearly exam soon.

This week I started it off with a colon cleanse. I drank some colon cleanse tea before bed, linked below, and added lemon and honey. We are eating seafood and veggie soups for dinner every day for a week and whatever we wish for breakfast and lunch. I’m eating more because unlike the previous week I plan to do more exercise, walking, and sauna visits. The colon cleanses worked from the first day out, my waist now looks more defined once again. I feel cleaner from within and less bloated from salt. Pictured below is the first meal of seafood with soup. I made cauliflower, garlic, and miso soup with lightly fried tilapia. Tonight we’re thinking sweet potato soup with some shrimp. Stay tuned for a wrap-up from this week’s diet.

Colon Cleanse Tea

Have you heard of the companies WildFork and Goldbelly, I love both of them for one major reason — greater food access. Goldbelly allows you to order from restaurants all over the United States, you can have seafood gumbo straight from New Orleans or bourbon straight from Kentucky! I love the concept of bringing a famous restaurant home from anywhere in the country. Prices are steep for some dishes but I believe it’s worth it. WildFork is a food company originally from California, they offer affordable butcher shop groceries delivered to your home as well. I love the idea of bringing fresh frozen veggies and meats to those in need either to lessen the risk of frequent grocery shopping or to meet the needs of those in areas classified as food deserts. The idea of virtual spaces and shopping to bridge gaps is something I live for!! Check out the Valentine’s Day meal I made below, all mainly using Goldbelly and Wildforks. ❤ 

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  1. Vincent S says:

    Nice pictures


    1. Lani says:

      Thank you 🌷


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