Hello Spring, welcomed friend🍋🍑


Spring Recommendations:

Candle Recommendations – Sundrenched Linen Bath and Body Works & Woodwick Candles (Fireside & Redwood) – The classic sun-drenched linen scent from B&BW smells clean, powdery, fresh, and strong. It has an excellent throw in my bedroom. I love the concentrated fragrance because I only have to burn the candle for a short while to have a lasting impact in my room. My other recommendation is any candle from the Woodwick Candle brand. I love these candles because they use wood wicks to create a fireplace crackle sound as the candle burns. They are excellent to relax and meditate to. Yes, fireplaces read more like winter than spring or summer but the crackling sound can also elude to experiences like camping or a summer bonfire. I discovered this brand last fall and continually repurchase it because of the crackle, addictingly relaxing!

Favorite Tea: Good Earth Passionfruit & Orange Tea – I love to sweeten this tea with a little honey, the flavor tastes like orange zest with a splash of passion fruit. You first taste the passionfruit and the finishing flavor is orange. I used to hate fruit teas, then I discovered brands that make them harmoniously, this is one of those brands. Flavorful yet light and refreshing, the perfect spring cup.

Orange Clothing – Alice and Oliva Top & Orange Essential Oil

Orange you glad orange helps with concentration? I love orange essential oil and use it at my desk to feel energized and focused as I study. I felt inclined to use orange essential oil after seeing Tiffney Young (SNSD) recommend it. I have been drawn to orange everything this spring and I got an Alice and Olivia turtleneck top late winter after eyeing it for weeks and finally wore it out recently. I recommend trying out a specific color and getting essential oils and clothing or accessories in that hue to conquer the feeling of springtime magic. Feel jazzy and colorful!

Whitening Herbal MintToothpaste, Versed Face Scrub – Day Maker Microcrystal Exfoliator, African Botanicals Baobab Clay Oxygenating Cleanser: I am extremely impressed by SuperSmile’s relaxing and whitening toothpaste, I know it is said that the mouth health can relate to emotional, behavioral, and psychological health.

I’m unsure if it is a placebo or what but when I regularly floss I feel happier. In my case, my mental health is closely linked with oral health, back in college I would regularly get several painful canker sores in my mouth especially during finals due to anxiety. This toothpaste is formulated with Hemp, Valerian, and Melatonin to help you feel relaxed. As soon as I finished brushing with my electric toothbrush I not only felt like I just left the dentist for cleaning but also my entire mouth and head felt relaxed as if the tension I was holding washed away instantly!

Another new favorite is Versed face scrub because it is non-drying and gentle. The African Botanicals Clay cleanser is an additional favorite because it also is not drying and is just generally luxuriating to use with jasmine, sandalwood, and cedarwood. ❤

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