Big Chop #3 & Mom’s Brazilian Blowout

Natural hair gurus have lied to me lol I have a strong hunch that some gurus on Youtube have done the Brazillian blowout without sharing. When I first went natural in 2013 and looked to Youtube for natural hair advice I wondered why no matter what I did my hair never turned out like gurus who appeared to have my hair type. Their hair would magically transform into frizz-free manageable beautiful locks with just a signal spritz of water and dime-sized amount of curly hair product.

Well, the veil has been lifted! The Brazilian blowout keeps hair natural but coats the hair strands to make curls less frizzy and elongated. My mom recently did the Brazilian blowout for the first time. The picture on the right is a wash and go before the treatment and the left shows what it looks like now.

I plan on doing a Brazillian blowout this fall when my hair has enough length. I will detail the salon I use and the whole process. My mom always cautioned me of dishonest people online, it remains important to consume beauty and hair growth tips with a grain of salt.

Hair from Feb. 22 2022 pictured, March 2022, and May 2022.

I big chopped for the third time on Feb. 20th 2022. I did this after a back-and-forth between relaxer and natural hair from 2019 all through 2021. In 2019 I relaxed my hair and used clip-in extensions for the first time and then in 2020 I transitioned my hair for about four months and then I ended up coloring my hair blonde and then coloring my clip-ins blonde and finally getting a relaxer on top of that blonde color. My hair was damaged and would not grow past my chin. I tried different hair growth hacks like MSM powder (thanks Youtube gurus) that gave me extremely painful headaches and yielded no major results. I also got micro link extensions and kept them in about a month or two.

With my current big chop my plan is to grow out my hair the old-fashioned way, with quality products (I’m using mainly Olaplex), scalp massage, Castor oil, my sauna steam cap, silk pillowcase, and a healthy diet with enough water and leafy greens. If I discover a shortcut I will blog about it, I will start using hair vitamins again as well from a different brand than the one I used in the past that made my hair break off. ❤

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