Hello Summer🍉🌻☀️

Fragrance – Rose body lotion from Diptyque and Good Girl Carolina Herrera

I recommend Diptyque Rose body lotion, it is lightweight and lightly scented. Perfect for hot temperatures with a hydrating water-based feel. The scent sticks on clothing and smells fragrant, feminine, and true to rose. I purchased this lotion because I originally bought it for my mother and she had a package with her clothes shipped to me to lighten the bagged load during travel and when the box arrived I could smell the lotion from outside the box! It smelled amazing and I knew I needed one too.

I purchased Good Girl perfume from Carolina Herrera for the first time. This iconic fragrance has jasmine, cocoa, almond, and coffee. I love that it is subtle and smells luxurious. I highly recommend Carolina Herrera in general, the brand has some of the best long-lasting perfumes

Tea Tree Body Wash – Trader Joe’s – A refreshing minty soap with peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus that combats body acne caused by heat. I picked this up on a whim and adore it for reducing irritation on my shoulder blades.

Brightening oil by Bermuda – I purchased this oil from Anthropologie. It is easy to use via the pump. Upon application, it did not sting and was safe to use on my sensitive skin. I like to use it while alternating between other body whitening products from Amazon on any hyperpigmentation. I used this and whitening creams on my underarms that previously had lasting irritation for months after trying to use natural deodorants. The rashes left discoloration and this product along with other whitening creams cleared up all of the discoloration and left them looking better than ever.

Stone Fruits & Tea Recommendation

I’ve been reaching for stone fruits currently in season. I made a Burrata salad with apricots and white and yellow peaches. I additionally added olive oil, spinach, shallots, and cherry tomatoes quickly cooked on the stove. To plate, I put the sauteed veggies on top of the stone fruits and added the burrata cheese in the middle, finishing with another drizzle of olive oil and a little bit of salt. This vegetarian dish tastes filling, fresh, and savory despite the use of fruit due to the olive oil and shallots.

Sangria Zinger Tea – If you love sangria in the summer you’ll love this nonalcoholic tea because it literally tastes IDENTICAL to sangria! It is fruity and refreshing, check it out this summer and start the party earlier throughout your day with this tea. ❤

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