Puppy Homecoming #2, Puppy Master Post

Meet Lunita – I adopted a chocolate brown and honey blonde Yorkie earlier this month. Her coat is slowly changing to mostly blonde with a sprinkle of grey on her head and I imagine she will continue to change color. She’s been a lovely addition to the family and a sweet little sister to Estrellita. I felt prepared and knowledgeable this time and got fewer things for her homecoming. The most essential things purchased were her blanket, puppy wipes, bowls, and So Phresh Essential Potty Pads. These potty training pads are 300 count from Petco, with auto repeat shipments I only spend about 23$. A steal for 300 potty pads!

Room Makeover

I made over their playroom and I also purchased a play tent for Lunita to safely sleep in at night. I love the bench storage, Cloud Diffuser, Star Nightlight, and Moon Nightlight all items are from Target. Additionally, I got an electric plague cleaner for Estrellita from Amazon. So far she hates it, I use the lowest setting but I will slowly introduce it to use on a monthly or two-month basis along with daily teeth brushing. One of Estrellita´s birthday gifts was a luxury Tempurpedic bed, size Small, from Animals Matter. This is my first time purchasing a luxury pet bed. Both of my girls love the bed, it is soft and warm, great for colder climates. Another item purchased was Pupford pure beef liver and heart training treats, 1 calorie per treat. Both of them LOVE it, I was able to teach Lunita her name and the sit command in a day using them.

Pawty & Hired a Party Planner for Estrellita’s 2nd Birthday

I hired a party planner for Estrellita’s 2 birthday bash. I additonally prepared party favors for dogs and humans. For the human party favors, I used brown gift bags from Target, added in a Jo Malone travel candle, cider, wine, fruit snacks, 1 Skinny Pop popcorn, Trader Joe’s face sheet mask, and Trader Joes Lobster candy snacks. For the dogs, I added to their bags 1 collapsable water bowl and two toys either a watermelon slice, koala, or Pawty Time bone. I picked out their party favor bags from Target, I got stars to represent Estrellita and green bags to fit the pink and green theme.

For human desserts, I ordered from Goldbelly, the online store to purchase from restaurants nationally, Georgetown cupcakes from Washington D.C. For the puppies, I ordered from two dog bakeries in southern Nevada Three Dog Bakery, this is where I got the dream bars, cupcakes with the cherry design at the top, and cannolis. I designed Estrellita’s birthday cake and ordered it from Bogart’s Bone Appetit. I purchased the dog birthday cake toppers from Amazon, however, I don’t see these cake toppers as the best quality because many of them broke. The party planner provided the decor and dog bakery goods to-go boxes, customized with Estrellita’s name and picture. She kindly also made alcoholic frozen cocktails for the party guests. If you have any events in NV or southern CA and would like her contact information let me know, her rates are on the lower end and she provides everything needed for the event.

Birthday Outfit & Fourth of July Outfits from Etsy

I purchased Estrellita’s birthday outfit from Etsy, the seller is the sweetest lady and extremely accommodating. Her shop is called StylishPetbyVioletta. For the Fourth of July, I purchased Estrellita’s dress from USADogBows and got a hair bow set for them both. I firmly believe small businesses on Etsy are the best places to purchase unique dog clothing. Lunita’s dress is from Amazon, as she is only 3lbs it is easier to get small dresses quickly from Amazon.

Agility Set

I hope to have both Estrellita and Lunita join private agility courses soon at home but I have purchased their agility set to start the process. They are still getting used to going through the tunnel on command but they love running through it. I also have a hoop in this set and a seesaw.

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