Accidental Luxe Eats

I accidentally purchased an over $200 dollar lobster meal from a Chinese lobster restaurant called Boston Lobster, location 4501 Rosemead Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770. When I saw that the chef dolled in a white hat and apron had personally brought the food to the car from the restaurant so my mother wouldn’t burn her hands I knew the bill was high.

We ordered their signature special lobster sauce dish in a size medium without noodles, with an order of shrimp fried rice, and og choy veggies with garlic. My mother and I did not know the medium would be so large or pricey. We even wondered if we should call back to add fish to our order because we were worried it may not be enough food. But divine intervention stepped in and the call kept dropping when we tried to call again. Thus the start of this dining review series has begun. Was the dish and over $200 dollar bill worth it?

Short answer, yes! It was so fun to dig into a tray of juicy savory lobster tails and claws with jalapenos and green onion. This was my first time trying the famous Chinese-style lobster sauce my mom raved about when she retells her experiences eating this dish in New York City’s Chinatown during the 90s. She was thrilled to finally find an authentic taste of it in California. Two things to consider, one the size of the medium is extremely huge, a size small is sufficient for two people, and two finding the new restaurant location proved difficult for Google Maps.

The restaurant gave us the advice to use Rosemead High School in the GPS instead, this high school is across the street from the actual restaurant but note the streets go one way so it is necessary to drive a bit to make a legal u-turn. Of course, you may not have the same trouble with the address as we did so I first recommend just trying with the address on your GPS system and then if it instead takes you to the old closed down restaurant try Rosemead High School.

Non-Luxe Bonuses

Black Rice Sushi in Henderson NV – Hiroba Sushi – 10720 S Eastern Ave #100, Henderson, NV 89052

Have you ever tried Black Rice Sushi? I highly recommend you get this dish from Hiroba Sushi. First of all, their customer service is out of this world, extraordinarily kind both in person and on the phone. I think black rice sushi tastes more satisfying and healthier than regular white rice sushi. It has more bite to it and compliments the seafood better. The thicker consistency of the rice makes me feel less bloated and it overall tastes higher quality. Their 5-star and near 5-star reviews across several platforms speak for themselves. Also the mango fruit Japanese soda was delicious and not too sweet or sticky tasting.

Homemade Crescent Rolls with Vietnamese Cinnamon, Apples & Cream Cheese

I found recipes for breakfast found online and one of which was crescent rolls with berries and cream cheese. I first made this dish with raspberries but found it too sweet. Then I thought apples with cinnamon would taste better and reminiscent of apple pie while also in line with fall feels.

What I used to make 4:

Whole Foods Cream cheese

Pillsbury crescent rolls

1 Fuji Apple

Vietnamese Cinnamon from Whole Foods

A little Irish Butter

I diced the apple and sautéed it with butter and cinnamon on a skillet. Rolled out the crescent roll triangle and added some cream cheese to the straight-lined end and then some apple and rolled them up. Then I baked them in the oven at recommended temp. ❤

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