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Recommendations for fall

Purse Perfume- Tom Ford – White Suede – I prefer spicy fragrances so I thought I would try out this purse-sized Tom Ford perfume. It is a subtle buildable fragrance that smells powdery and of saffron. In fact, the saffron scent smells faintly of tobacco to me. I actually hate the smell of cigarettes, it makes me nauseous and gives me headaches however this fragrance smells like what I imagine they would smell in a utopian parallel universe. The longevity is weak, only lasts a few hours. Makes a great sophisticated purse purfume option for a quick refresh but I wouldn’t buy a full bottle.

Valentino Pure Gel Nail Polish

Pros – Gel polish from this brand is higher quality than what is typically carried at the nail salon. It lasts longer and there are many shades to choose from. I simply bring the shade I want to the salon and ask that they apply it. The colors look illustrious and rich. You can purchase a set or a single shade to try out.

Cons – 3 coats are a MUST or the polish will chip, so when when in a hurry at the nail salon its difficult to use. The darker colored set linked above is better quality than the lighter colored set I purchased. The lighter colored ones apply very thin even with 3 coats. But i have not tried many shades so perhaps other light ones are just as good. Consistency across shades isn’t there.

Halloween Outdoor Home Decor

I purchased orange lights from Micheals along with my Halloween wreath and garden flags. I got my outdoor plants trimmed as well to make the front entrance space neater. I ordered some flowers and striped ribbon from Amazon and used styrofoam as a base. What are your halloween decor plans? Happy spookseason!


Recommendation – Corinne Bailey Rae Music from live concerts – Her last stops are in Brazil for 2022

I saw Corinne in Las Vegas in July and she sounds exactly the same as she does on recorded music live. She’s a true musician and you feel this sense of being in a classroom with a professor of her art while watching her perform. I recommend checking out her recorded live music on Youtube.


Listen to Raveena – if you love divine feminine energy and meditative neo-soul like me you’ll love Raveena, check out her music below ❤

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