Puppy oral care – Water Additive

One of the best dental hygiene investments I’ve ever made for my puppies is Dental Fresh teeth whitening, a water additive that combats bad breath and yellow teeth. My girls have more consistently fresh breath with this water additive and regular teeth brushing. I add a little to their water bowls and they don’t taste it. This was most impressive to me because my oldest her nickname is investigadora (investigator) and nothing gets past her.

Try it out, the large size is $9 and I’ve used it consistently for about 4 weeks, but the bottle is still full, a little is all that’s required as per the instructions on the bottle (1 tsp per serving). I add even less than a tsp I just use the lid and put in just enough to reach the lined ridges inside the lid and split that serving between two water bowls.

Note – After continued use, I noticed that the additive has an erosive quality and the bottom of the bowls developed a rough texture, not easily visible but slightly noticeable. I recommend using this only in inexpensive bowls.

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