Spooktacular Hair Growth Journey & Horror Recommendations

Do you want to watch horror while you sit under the hair steamer? Well, this post is for you.

I’ll use a scare meter to score how scary each movie is. None of the selections below are extremely scary they work for those afraid of intense horror. As a horror movie fan, I do miss nightmare-inducing movies but movies echo the time period. Currently, lighter kid-friendly non-jumpscare, sometimes campy, other times psychological movies reign supreme.

The 2010s had most horrors based on young attractive people taking off their clothes in 3-D with insensitive humor. Before that, many movies featured jumpscares and serial killers looming in neighborhood bushes, reflecting the 80s killer and kidnapper mania imprinted onto America’s collective consciousness. The Scare Meter Scale is from 1-10.

Amazon Prime Movie – Goodnight Mommy, 2022, 4 on Scare Meter – This movie is scary for psychological reasons, it makes you think about public image, narcissism, parenting, and mental health in general. It reminds you about the fragility of the human mind. It is not bone-chilling scary but a fun watch. The film is based on two twin boys returning home to their mother covered in facial bandages.

Amazon Prime Movie – Meander, 2021, 6 on Scare Meter – I watched this movie last year and still remember it. I LOVED it as a horror movie because as the main character navigated claustrophobic pipes with deadly traps you feel like you are there with her. Also, the ending is open-ended and to this date, I’m unsure what happened but I don’t want to spoil it. The movie stars a woman who is kidnapped and made to attempt to survive death traps.

Netflix Movie – Old People, 2022, 6 on Scare Meter – This movie is slightly funny, a little bit sad, and realistic because it pulls from a real problem, elder abuse, and loneliness. It’s nice to watch something from the other end of life because typically horror movies star children and I personally don’t like watching children act in horror and I don’t find them scary. However, the movie Goodnight Mommy with the twin boys above is an exception because the scare comes from psychology rather than kids wearing black makeup and white dresses while standing in a corner.

Hair Product Recommendations & Brazillian Blowout Update

I recommend Japanese Camellia oil for hair growth. I purchased my bottle from Amazon and I’ve used it on my eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair. I like to rotate between this oil and castor oil. There is no oily or strong fragrance so it is great to use daily.

I also purchased a new shampoo and conditioner from Briogeo in Banana and Coconut from Sephora. I got it because my hair has felt drier recently. The banana fragrance is subtle and reminiscent of banana candy. The scent does not linger on the hair after rinsing. I’ve been consistent with deep treatments weekly and using hair steam at least bi-weekly.

I visited a new salon yesterday for my second Brazillian blowout. I got my first one in July this year but it was done incorrectly. I will wash my hair one more day with conditioner to see the results. The stylist commented that my hair is healthy so I know the treatments I’ve used are working. She also warned me about excessive co-washing and recommended that I minimize the frequency I co-wash monthly. I’ll make a blog post with before and after images after my conditioning, and add the salon details there.

Horror Styled Kpop Recs – Seulgi 28 Reasons – Did you love watching videos of the RnB singer Aaliyah years ago? Then you may like 28 Reasons by Seulgi, the vibes are both current and nostalgic with RnB punk finesse.

My second recommendation is Lee Chae Yeon’s Hush Rush. The video direction is vampire Halloween-themed and showcases Chae Yeon plotting and planning to go out into the human world freely during the daytime as a vampire for love. The music and choreography reads as Kate Bush 2022. This synth-pop tune sonically takes you on a relaxing chill journey.

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