“Small Bag, No Problems, No Responsibilities” Coach Luna Review

“Small bag, no problems, no responsibilities” – Devon Carlson

Luna bag – $295, Coach additionally has 15% off codes for newsletter sign-up and frequent 15% to 10% off return purchase codes. I love this bag because it is small yet it fits a wallet, keys, hand lotion, and mini sanitizer perfectly. I can’t fit as much as I would normally pack into a bag which is a bonus for me because I’m forced to have less weight on my shoulders. The rust color with gold brass details and brown leather can easily match warm-colored fall outfits. The negative I experience using this bag is that the shoulder strap is stiff and can slide off my shoulder and down my arm if I don’t actively hold it down with the side of my arm. This may happen because the leather is new and stiff or because of my body shape. I have sharp shoulders that go straight across but someone with softer upper body lines may not have this issue. Overall, I love this bag’s craftsmanship and price.

Wyn Wallet – $125 This wallet exceeded my expectations because it looks more expensive than I imagined it would. The inner chocolate leather card slots have maroon and plum undertones. There are several slots on both sides and an additional paper money side pocket. The leather smell is divine and the gold-colored C logo has a classic look.

What’s your fall handbag choice this year?

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