Food Reviews & Holiday Chocolate

Arcadia / West Corvina / Cubano Food Favorite – Portos – I highly recommend checking out the Cuban-European restaurant chain Portos’s location in Arcadia, CA. I’ve ordered it twice via DoorDash delivery and both orders were perfect. The in-house bakery makes fresh Cuban and European goods like cheese bread and chocolate croissants. Our order favorites are the ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich and papa rellenas. They package the food thoughtfully for take out and delivery, and it’s easy to recycle the packaging after use. The ingredients are great quality and their online website allows nationwide ordering to bake at home. There are several store locations throughout southern CA – see website here.

We spent over $400 on a meal at King Fish House in Henderson NV, was it worth it? YES! Specifically, the Wild South African Lobster Tails, each individual order comes with two sides and two lobster tails for $68. I thought the order would only come with one tail so I bought two orders. But one order is plenty to taste the lobster nevertheless the lobster is so tender and delicious that you may not want to share. We ordered Dungeness crab and southern fried blue crab. My least favorite was the fried blue crab. I no longer see this dish listed on the current menu I believe it was seasonal. The Dungeness crab was served with clarified butter. The bottom line is that the lobster dish stood out the most, all dishes come with two sides. The portions and flavor-packed taste of each dish make one order per person or a shared order more than enough.

Holiday Chocolate recommendation – Ethel M Chocolates

Need a last-minute holiday gift delivered? Check out Ethel M Chocolates, you can create your own chocolate box selection via a custom order. I purchased a chocolate box with liquor and champagne chocolates for my mom for Halloween and Chocolate pecan brittles. There is a sizeable collection of chocolates to choose from both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They also offer preselected boxes as well with holiday-themed packaging.

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