Spring & Summer Outfits Recap 2019

During the transition period from winter to spring I tried to accessorize in a way that fit the approaching season. I wore earrings with flowers and other statement earrings like my white teardrop ones (handmade). During the spring, I wore lavender and other pastel colors. I think baby colors are uniquely spring-like. The lavender top wornContinue reading “Spring & Summer Outfits Recap 2019”

4th of July Makeup, Dress, & Skincare

Hey all, hope you had a lovely Fourth of July! ❤ This post details the makeup, skincare, and dress I wore and used for the holiday. The dress is from Réalisation Par, The Teale in Wild Cherry. I wanted this dress for months, and I was happy to wear it on the perfect holiday forContinue reading “4th of July Makeup, Dress, & Skincare”

ForLoveandLemons and Réalisation Par Reviews

I think the clothing store ForLoveandLemons has beautiful and unique clothing. I adore how feminine most of the dresses and blouses are. I recently purchased The Pierre Bustier Top. I love the detail of the little blue drawings on it. The quality is amazing as well, it’s very soft to the touch and supportive. https://forloveandlemons.com/products/pierre-bustier-topContinue reading “ForLoveandLemons and Réalisation Par Reviews”

Winter Ice, Ice…Rebecca Minkoff bag and phone case review

Christmas came early?! I feel extra icey now that I’ve gotten my navy and silver accessories from Rebecca Minkoff. I think navy is a great colour because it works all year long. It works in the winter with sliver/glitter looks and in the summer with tan or neutral outfits. I got this small navy crossbodyContinue reading “Winter Ice, Ice…Rebecca Minkoff bag and phone case review”

Rebecca Minkoff Tote Bag & Wallet Review

I think the Rebecca Minkoff Washed Nylon Tote and Becky Continental Wallet are amazing choices for any graduate student! I purchased the tote because it has a zipper, and can expand at the sides. I also love the bag’s nylon fabric. It makes it easy to clean. I adore the fact that the bag isContinue reading “Rebecca Minkoff Tote Bag & Wallet Review”

Spring & Summer 2018 Recap

I love spring, but I’m not the biggest fan of summer weather. Summer inspired music and the idea of summer is lovely though. Summer has great duality, it can either inspire feelings that are infectiously bright and upbeat, or slow and reflective. Still, I prefer spring because its fairly cool and transitional in that winterContinue reading “Spring & Summer 2018 Recap”