Bay Area Eats Series – Final Wrap-Up!

This post marks the end of the Bay Area Eats Series! More food reviews on the way, just not limited to this series. At the bottom find the top five recommendations. SiFuWong Kitchen – Best Chinese in South Bay – New York City style Cantonese Chinese food!! I was so happy to discover SiFuWong KitchenContinue reading “Bay Area Eats Series – Final Wrap-Up!”

Bay Area Eats Series

Mexi-tamalli ~ Chocolate Mole, Tamales Hands down I already know when I make my final best food Bay Area Eats round up this year this food truck will get featured. Mexi-tamalli is run by two women and they create tasty, creative, thoughtful, and ambitious tamales at affordable prices. I ordered three and the priceContinue reading “Bay Area Eats Series”

Bay Area Eats Series

Ramen Hajime – 5229 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051 I’ve ordered from Ramen Hajime a few times and I’ve found that flavor-wise their Kiwami Tonkotsu ramen blows other pork ramen in the South Bay out of the water. It is mouthwatering perfection no exaggeration in my opinion. Perfectly balanced, rich tasting, craving satisfyingContinue reading “Bay Area Eats Series”

Bay Area Eats Series

Here in another installment of the Bay Area Eats series two restaurants are featured: 14486 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070 Sipan Peruvian restaurant is upscale in pricing but family style and humbled in service and atmosphere. We ordered ceviche mixto with sweet potatoes. As my mom says Peruvians do ceviche and chicken the bestContinue reading “Bay Area Eats Series”

Bay Area Eats Series & Vegan Ice Cream Recommendation

El Salvadorian Food – El Chalateco 955 Saratoga Ave San Jose, CA 95129 I was incredibly happy to discover an El Salvadorian restaurant in the Bay Area. I highly recommend El Chalateco, the restaurant, and open kitchen are exceptionally clean and up to COVID protocol. They also have outdoor dining. The flavor of the foodContinue reading “Bay Area Eats Series & Vegan Ice Cream Recommendation”

Bay Area Eats Series

Takeout & Outdoor Dining Edition Boiling Crab San Jose – 71 Curtner Ave Suite 20, San Jose, CA 95125 – I prefer the Boiling Crab seafood boil to Kickin’ Crab. We ordered takeout seafood boil in whole-shebang (all sauces mixed) spicy sauce. We got shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn, and crab. The freshness of the seafoodContinue reading “Bay Area Eats Series”

Bay Area Eats Series – Takeaway Edition

Fashion Wok We ordered the Spices Satay Beef Wok at the Fashion Wok restaurant for takeout. The prices are incredibly reasonable with a range of about $12-20 total for two people. The ingredients tasted fresh and the flavors were balanced. Additionally, all of the spices and sauces were packed separately from the food so thatContinue reading “Bay Area Eats Series – Takeaway Edition”

Soup Recipe : Clear Skin From Within + Tips 🥬

Hey all, I thought I’d share my pumpkin and kale soup recipe. I love to eat mainly veggie meals at home for my health and to maintain clear skin. Before I share this recipe I also want to share two “life hack” tips. Tip 1: One is to boil ginger root in water to makeContinue reading “Soup Recipe : Clear Skin From Within + Tips 🥬”

Bay Area Eats: Three Price Ranges

Middle Price Range: Fish Market, Roll House, Slapfish (pictures in listed order) The Fish Market restaurant in Santa Clara has seafood for sale at the front of the restaurant. I ordered a tuna salad that sadly had canned tuna but still tasted satisfying. What I do recommend is the shrimp scampi, it was balanced andContinue reading “Bay Area Eats: Three Price Ranges”