Coloring hair at home, new hair products & no water needed leave-in

I cut off all of my hair last summer. I got my hair colored honey blonde at Stocks and Blonde salon in San Jose. I loved the color but disliked the brassiness caused by not using the correct products at first. Additionally, the colorist left patches of my hair un-colored with bright yellow bleach. SinceContinue reading “Coloring hair at home, new hair products & no water needed leave-in”

Hair Care for Bleached, Blonde & Honey Brown Natural Hair 💜

I recently blenched my hair and dyed it honey blonde-brown to match my hair extensions. I started using purple Shiny Silver Ultra Conditioning Shampoo and I was pleasantly surprised by how soft it made my hair. My natural hair can become very fragile and dry easily and most shampoos even ones made for natural hairContinue reading “Hair Care for Bleached, Blonde & Honey Brown Natural Hair 💜”

Peppermint & Sugar Hair Scrub Review 🍭

Never Salty Hair Scrub is a product from a hair care line created by actress and entrepreneur Taraji B. Henson. I wanted to try this ever since I saw her use it during her Vogue ‘Beauty Secrets’ Get-Unready-with-Me episode. I’m unsure where to start because I adore this product so much. Firstly, the peppermint oilContinue reading “Peppermint & Sugar Hair Scrub Review 🍭”

Just Nutritive Hair Growth Products

Hey everyone, have you heard of the brand Just Nutritive? They carry many products from hair care to body care like anti-aging treatments, but they specialize in hair growth products. They even have a product to get rid of bald spots. I purchased a few products from this line: The Pre-Wash Treatment – This isContinue reading “Just Nutritive Hair Growth Products”

Hair Treatments (softness and growth) & Loved Products

MSM update – I finished the bag of MSM I had many moons ago. I mainly drank it because using it topically was slightly labor-intensive ~ melting it and waiting for it to cool. I did not notice any major growth difference and I got sick of the headaches. I also think it broke meContinue reading “Hair Treatments (softness and growth) & Loved Products”

Hair Update – Think Dirty App & 7 Months of Protective Styles Challenge

Hey all, I’ve adjusted to MSM and now take one spoonful a day, typically in the morning or afternoon in hot water with vitamin C as a shot. My hair appears to grow quickly but I’m unsure if it is due to MSM intake alone. I’ve been doing regular deep treatments weekly and using rosemaryContinue reading “Hair Update – Think Dirty App & 7 Months of Protective Styles Challenge”

Hair Growth Journey & Relaxer – Rice Water, Vitamins, MSM

I have a natural afro that grows out, not down. I started trying to grow my hair out late 2018 – early 2019 but I had a major set back because of hair breakage. I’ve cut my hair short again and I’m starting over. Now I can see if the hair growth hacks I’ve learnedContinue reading “Hair Growth Journey & Relaxer – Rice Water, Vitamins, MSM”

Perfect Locks Hair Extensions

I got Perfect Locks clip-in hair extensions in relaxed hair texture 18 inches, color 1B. The last picture is from the first time I installed the hair when I had trouble blending my hair into the extensions and I did not wear all of the clip-in pieces. Overall, I’m happy with the quality of theContinue reading “Perfect Locks Hair Extensions”