Hair Care for Bleached, Blonde & Honey Brown Natural Hair 💜

Blonde Shampoo Non-Drying

I recently blenched my hair and dyed it honey blonde-brown to match my hair extensions. I started using purple Shiny Silver Ultra Conditioning Shampoo and I was pleasantly surprised by how soft it made my hair. My natural hair can become very fragile and dry easily and most shampoos even ones made for natural hair are often too drying for me. However, this conditioning shampoo works as directed, it reduces yellowness, brassiness and it leaves my hair soft. I bought both the shampoo and Hawaiian Silky conditioner from Sally’s in-store. I purchased the shampoo for $13 but I found out in my online search that it is sold for only $5.59 at Bed Bath & Beyond so I recommend purchasing it cheaper online than in-store at Sallys. My mother has bleached hair as well and she also uses the same hair products. The shampoo works for both of our natural hair textures.

The Hawaiian Silky conditioner I like but I was not extremely impressed with. I would describe the conditioner as hydrating but not hydrating enough for my hair texture to rinse out completely. In other words, I have to leave some of it in to maintain softness. Overall, its an excellent affordable conditioner for only $5-6. What are your top choices for blonde hair care products? ❤

Peppermint & Sugar Hair Scrub Review 🍭

Never Salty Hair Scrub is a product from a hair care line created by actress and entrepreneur Taraji B. Henson. I wanted to try this ever since I saw her use it during her Vogue ‘Beauty Secrets’ Get-Unready-with-Me episode. I’m unsure where to start because I adore this product so much. Firstly, the peppermint oil stimulates your scalp and hair growth.

Also, the peppermint and sugar mixture smells divine. Thirdly, the applicator makes it easy to apply to sectioned hair and massage the scalp. Surprisingly, it is not that messy to use. The mixture is chunky enough that it does not leak down my neck.

This hair scrub is free of mineral oil. It has coconut oil, sugar, apple cider vinegar, and squalane oils to promote a healthy scalp. The apple cider vinegar helps break down build-up and clarify the scalp for increased hair softness.

I think the package has a good amount of product. I’ve used it twice and it still feels full.

At first I wondered if the majority positive reviews online truly reflected this product’s value but now I know there is not need to wonder. Never Salty is sold in Target stores for about $13. ❤

Just Nutritive Hair Growth Products

Hey everyone, have you heard of the brand Just Nutritive? They carry many products from hair care to body care like anti-aging treatments, but they specialize in hair growth products. They even have a product to get rid of bald spots. I purchased a few products from this line:

The Pre-Wash Treatment – This is a pre-shampoo treatment helps prevent frizz and heat damage.

Grow New Hair Treatment – This treatment stimulates the hair follicles for growth. It also balances the scalp for optimal health from any imbalance caused by chemicals, medication, or stress.

Nightly Scalp Massage – This scalp massage product relaxes the scalp to stimulate growth with rosemary, thyme, atlas cedarwood, horsetail extract, sea buckthorn oil, apricot kernel oil, and more. 

Protein and Vitamin Treatment – This treatment is made to thicken your hair with hydrolyzed proteins. I like to massage my scalp with this product every now and then. It does not need to get washed out.

Grow New Hair Shampoo – This shampoo is non-drying and gentle enough to encourage the growth of your hair. I love it, and it works on my natural hair roots when I wash my braids. 

Grow New Hair Conditioner – This conditioner is formulated to lessen hair breakage and fallout. It moisturizes my natural roots and has a spa-like herbal smell.

If you’re struggling with hair breakage or loss I highly recommend you look into this line and see if one or more of their products can help you. So far my hair has been growing faster than usual with my hair care routine and it is back to its original thickness. ❤

Hair Treatments (softness and growth) & Loved Products

MSM update – I finished the bag of MSM I had many moons ago. I mainly drank it because using it topically was slightly labor-intensive ~ melting it and waiting for it to cool. I did not notice any major growth difference and I got sick of the headaches. I also think it broke me out a little.

What I’m Currently Doing:

1.) Hair Steam

2.) Deep Treatments

3. Collagen Gummies (for hair and skin health)

I figured out what my hair was missing; that is the consistent use of hair steam. I’m doing deep treatments each week and I routinely massage my scalp with diluted peppermint oil.

Hair steamer I use – Here is my affiliate link

I recommend hair steaming because steam is necessary for moisture and growth as it can open the hair shaft. If you don’t steam, products may just sit on top of your hair.

I also am using castor oil and aloe vera juice as a leave-in. Aloe vera juice works wonders for my hair, it makes it incredibly soft. However, it does not work for every hair type.

I have low porosity transitioning hair and I plan to either continue to stretch out my relaxer during my hair growth challenge and get another relaxer or become a heat trained natural and regularly do silk presses. Aloe vera juice makes my roots soft, hydrated, and ready for detangling. I highly recommend trying it out if you have dry roots that expel water like mine.

Deep Treatments:

Egg, Coconut Oil, and Mayo

Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Recipes Fix My Hair, Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque

Deva Curl Seaweed Repair Mask

I’ve also used Rosemary Mint Cleansing Shampoo and the Coconut leave-in from the Renpure line. I like both products because the cleansing shampoo helps maintain moisture as does the leave-in. However, I think aloe vera juice makes the biggest difference when compared to the Renpure line in terms of maintined hydration.

Recently, I picked up a mint conditioner and Honey leave-in from Camille Rose from Whole Foods. The mint conditioner is just okay at moisturizing my hair but the leave-in is fantastic, but it smells like cupcakes rather than honey. ❤

The Journey Continues…

Hair Update – Think Dirty App & 7 Months of Protective Styles Challenge

Hey all,

I’ve adjusted to MSM and now take one spoonful a day, typically in the morning or afternoon in hot water with vitamin C as a shot. My hair appears to grow quickly but I’m unsure if it is due to MSM intake alone. I’ve been doing regular deep treatments weekly and using rosemary water as planned. My next phase for hair growth is starting the 7 months of protective styles challenge.

I’ll do box braids or passion twists most likely starting around Valentine’s Day and I’ll keep that style in for a little bit and then take it out and restyle for the next month so on and so forth. My goal is to end the challenge in late August or early September before the academic year. Once I have that added length I will then decide if I want to get another relaxer. I’ve done two relaxers so far using the ORS Olive brand but I aim not to make my hair too straight. Instead, I keep my hair textured yet straight.

I’ve discovered the Think Dirty App to look up hair and body products. This app allows you to see product ratings that are scored based on ingredient quality. I’ve noticed there is this whole wave of YouTubers blacklisting Deva Curl to share a word of caution before buying from that line. I think this app will help me in my quest to find clean and effective hair products.

First picture is of my hair the day I got it cut on December 28, 2019 and the other two pictures are from January 29, 2019 (1 month). ❤

Hair Growth Journey & Relaxer – Rice Water, Vitamins, MSM

I have a natural afro that grows out, not down. I started trying to grow my hair out late 2018 – early 2019 but I had a major set back because of hair breakage. I’ve cut my hair short again and I’m starting over. Now I can see if the hair growth hacks I’ve learned about like MSM, rosemary, and castor oil create luscious locks in a short amount of time as widely attested.

I learned about MSM from Youtube. It is a sulfur-containing compound supplement used for hair and skin. It is sold typically in a crystal powdered form and dissolved in hot water or as a pill. In crystal powdered form it is recommended that you add vitamin C powder to prevent headaches and improve the taste. Honestly, the taste is horrible no matter what. I tried different combinations suggested online like drinking it with orange juice and that mixture made it taste worse!

I also tried drinking it with a little Ginger Ale and this made it taste better in my opinion. Now I’m just drinking it twice a day as a shot. I dissolve one teaspoon and 1/2 of it in hot water with one teaspoon of vitamin C powder. I’ve read that it’s best to find a pure crystal version of MSM because some companies sell it with additives to give you less product in pill form.

The MSM I purchased is from Amazon – “Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Crystals 2lb – 99.9% Pure MSM Crystals – Largest Granular Flakes Available.”

My mom taught me that most women use rosemary in their hair in Panama for quicker hair growth. I also know my naturally dry hair responds well to castor oil and regular deep treatments. Knowing this, I created a new weekly routine, every week I deep condition with castor oil and then I set my hair with rollers using rosemary water ( rosemary boiled in water and cooled) with Aveda Damage Remedy.

The Plague of Cheap Shampoos and Conditioners, Rice Water, & Products that Work

My hair does not respond well to cheap products. I’ve tried to cut corners when I was natural and now with relaxed hair as well but to no avail. I love the brand Aveda because my hair responds well to it.

I plan to continue to invest in the Aveda Rosemary Mint and Damage Remedy lines from here on out. I’ve returned to using ORS Hair mayonnaise as a deep treatment and it continues to make my hair extremely soft. I used ORS Hair mayonnaise throughout college and can vouch that it does make natural hair 4C soft and frizz-free. An added perk is that it is also affordable typically costing around $7 to 9 dollars.

I tried rice water in the past but I feel like the fermenting process is too messy, smelly, and time-consuming. Also, too much protein is detrimental to hair growth. My routine to take MSM twice a day, morning and night, and weekly deep treatments ending with a roller set with rosemary water and Damage Remedy is faster and cleaner.

Picture from Amazon

Hair Vitamins, A Fail and A Win

Optimal Solutions Extra Strength Hair Skin and Nails Dietary Supplement Softgels did not work for me. I feel like the supplements made my hair fall out. I’m unsure if it was only the supplements or stress as well but as soon as I started using it my hair came out in clumps. I remember reading one other review from a lady with relaxed hair stating her hair fell out in clumps too, perhaps this supplement does not work well with relaxed hair. Regardless, I will never use it again.

I believe using the wrong supplement for me along with visits to a salon that was not working for my hair created massive breakage. I’ve since switched over to MSM as my supplement of choice. I also started to use Glow Inner Beauty Powder this winter 2019/2020 for my skin but I noticed it helped with overall health. I now have strong hair again. My hair feels thicker and normal, and my skin remains clear.

Picture from Dermstore

Hair after first relaxer, before damage from vitamins and salon visits

early 2019

MSM, Rosemary, Aveda Damage Remedy, Castor Oil

At this point, I will stick to a weekly deep treatment routine and update my blog on MSM progress in two to three months. I will stop using MSM in three months and take a break because the body builds tolerance and stops responding at that time frame. I’m excited to update you on the results! Frankly, I’m just happy my hair feels like me again and I know my regimen will work.

The hair journey continues…. ❤

Perfect Locks Hair Extensions

I got Perfect Locks clip-in hair extensions in relaxed hair texture 18 inches, color 1B. The last picture is from the first time I installed the hair when I had trouble blending my hair into the extensions and I did not wear all of the clip-in pieces.

Overall, I’m happy with the quality of the hair and the fact that they offer relaxed hair texture because it more easily blends into my natural hair. However, my head is small in the back and the length of the track is a little too long for me so it creates a bit of budge.

I also fear the amount of shedding that happens every time I comb the clip-in pieces to install. It’s not an overwhelming amount of shedding but still, the cost of the clip-ins are pricey and I want to keep them in good shape for a long enough amount of time. Still, the quality is superb and I recommend trying them out for a new hair look. ❤

hair extensions