Turmeric & Banana Mask 🍌

I purchased the Turmeric and Banana tightening mask from the Art of Skin Care, it is a small business run by women just like Nandi Skincare (see my previous blog post, I can’t wait to get more rose water from them!). I’m happy to have discovered the Art of Skin Care business because they sellContinue reading “Turmeric & Banana Mask 🍌”

Rose Water & Lavender Body Wash ~ Support Small Business 🌹🌿

Welcome to my support small business series! Today, I’m reviewing two wonderful products from Nandi Skincare, a brand with products formulated by hand in North Carolina, USA. This rose water is made with witch hazel and alcohol-free. It is generously formulated with fresh rose petals and rosebuds. On the bottle, it states to spray itContinue reading “Rose Water & Lavender Body Wash ~ Support Small Business 🌹🌿”