Inner Peace ~ A Photo Journal

Hey everyone! I thought I’d share some photos of a beach in Northern California on my blog that I took in January before lockdown. I love to look at my pictures and videos of the ocean while I do skincare to create a relaxing atmosphere.

I love the ocean because it conjures within me a feeling of completion, letting it all go, and a sensation of inner peace.

I urge that you take a few deep breaths today, in for 4 seconds, hold, and out for 4 seconds, and think of something that brings you inner peace.

I send you all peace and light today — take care ❤

Smile Direct Finished!

My Experience: I found that changing aligners only hurt slightly on the first day for an hour or two. Additionally, my teeth were sensitive to hard foods on the first day I switched to a new set of aligners but besides that, I never experienced that much pain. Overall, it was a very easy and smooth process. I changed my aligners as advised every week to two weeks as scheduled for my plan. Smile Direct emailed me to remind me when I had to change aligners and online I could track my progress and see how many aligners were left to use.

Now that the process is over, I’m glad I went with Smile Direct because the remote nature of the treatment plan worked out well given the current lockdown. Also, the five-month process was extremely fast. ❤



Let’s Get Crafty! D-I-Y Spring Door Wreath

Materials used plus scissors

Crafting is an excellent way to alleviate stress and distract the mind. Have you considered celebrating spring by creating a D-I-Y door wreath?

I purchased all of my materials from Micheals. Everything amounted to $37.39 – items used: 

1.) 24″ Grapevine Wreath by Ashland® – $10.63 **currently $9.99

link to wreath –

2.) White Mini Daisy by Ashland® (3) – 75 cents each

3.) Panacea™ Green Floral Wire, 26 Gauge (1) (To attach flowers to wreath) – $2.75

4.) Yellow Narcissus Bush by Ashland® (2) – $5.89

5.) Yellow Berry & Tea Leaf Bush by Ashland® (1) – $5.44

6.) Yellow Carnation Stem by Ashland® (1) – $2.59

Step 1

I took apart all of the flowers from the leaves to create double the amount of accessories to use with scissors.

I added the leaves from the Yellow Narcissus Bush to the back of the wreath to frame it and then put the Yellow Berry & Tea Leaf Bush on top using green floral wire to fasten each piece.

Step 2

I added the Yellow Carnation Stem to the front of the arrangement and then Yellow Narcissus Bush flowers after the Yellow Berry & Tea Leaf Bush. Lastly, I added the Mini White Daisies to the bottom with some green leaves and interspersed a few of them into the Yellow Narcissus Bush flowers.

Step 3

The wreath is all done! I would check out Pinterest for inspiration as well to get started. There are so many color and style options from lavender, to all orange, or all roses, to beach style, and wreath sizes to choose from online. I’d check out Micheals first because they currently have a sale for 20% off. Happy crafting! ❤

Spring Scents 🌺🌼

Purse Perfume of Choice – Floral Street, Neon Rose

Floral Street’s Neon rose makes the perfect spring purse perfume because it smells fresh and floral, but not overbearing. Additionally, I can still smell Neon Rose on my wrists after 6 hours of wear. It sinks into my skin and creates a delicate rose scent that encapsulates all things spring. This scent smells less sharp than my Floral Street Wild Vanilla Orchid fall scent.

Jo Malone Scent Mix:

Nectarine Blossom & Honey Body Lotion,Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne Scent, Blackberry & Bay Cologne

This scent mix makes warm, youthful yet sophisticated, and memorable combination. The Nectarine Blossom & Honey Body Lotion has key notes of cassis, acacia honey, peach. In my opinion, the lotion smells like sweat peachy champagne. It immediately sinks into my skin and leaves a soft sweet-smelling fragrance. It pairs beautifully with the Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne and Blackberry & Bay cologne. This scent combination is fruit meets honey and it makes a lasting impression. ❤

Planning for my Solo Japan Trip

Hey all, I’m happy I will finally have the time to venture on solo travel this Spring. Any other young women solo travelers here? I’ve signed up for a Japan tour package. Any suggestions for what to do are welcome!! I will explore skincare, religious structures, and street food. I will visit Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, & I’ll review the tour company and my trip in detail when I return. ❤

*trip pushed back due to COVID19*

Picture from US Department of State

Inexpensive Saunas in Napa & Silicon Valley

A trip to the sauna is excellent for skin health because it helps flush out toxins and it can rid your skin of bacteria in sweat ducts and the epidermal layer.

I’ve visited a few saunas in the Bay Area. I can confidently recommend two excellent places for private saunas rooms at affordable prices: St. Pierre Massage and Spa and Watercourse Way Bath House Spa.

In Napa Valley, private sauna visits cost $15 per visit in the 5 visits $59 package at St. Pierre Massage and Spa. For two people the cost is $60 to reserve a private sauna room for one hour. Inside the room, there are two separate private sauna booths that share a small common area, where there is a small table with dried mango snacks and water to enjoy during your visit.

What I look for in affordable spa care is cleanliness and standout customer service and this place has both. I like that there is no dust or cobwebs in the corners or on any furniture. The bathrooms are up to par as well. The waiting room has a fireplace and water feature for optimal relaxation. Also, the waiting room is far enough from the reception area that it feels tranquil and quiet away from the hustle of people entering and exiting the spa.

Another excellent spa with affordable luxurious sauna spa packages is Watercourse Way Bath House Spa in Palo Alto, CA. This spa offers private sauna rooms with a hot tub starting at $40 per person, per hour. For the first reservation, they require a $40 reservation fee which is then deducted from your payment at the spa.

The total is $80 for two people in a private hot tub sauna room, $20 more than Napa but there is the bonus of having a hot tub too. They also offer massages and facials inspired by the season. The December package is Sugar Plum Cranberry with a scrub, facial, and massage for one hour and thirty minutes for $143!

Trying out Smile Direct

“After” animation


I’ve started Smile Direct teeth realignment and so far so good. I decided to try Smile Direct rather than Invisalign because it is substantially cheaper overall. The affordability is due to check-ups done virtually. At my consultation I got my mouth scanned and the employee explained the alignment process to me. The mouth scan was then sent to dentists to create the retainers.

My experience during the consultation was that the entire process would be very do-it-yourself. In the consultation room, there weren’t a bunch of hygienists and assistants around. I was alone in the room with my family and the employee. The process to take the 3-D pictures lasted about 10 minutes and then we went over any questions. From what the employee said I understand they accept many insurances and if they accept your insurance you get money reimbursed back at the end of the process.

The Process

The assistant asked what I would like to fix and she added in the notes and said the dentists would look at my mouth scan to create retainers in the appropriate sizes. The package she explained comes with several sets of retainers and instructions on when to change them as your teeth progress in realignment.

My plan came up to only 5 months for straight teeth with no gap! In truth, I’ve gotten used to my gap and honestly I’m fine with it (don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in front teeth lol) what bothers me is my overbite. I will update my blog with an after picture in 5 short months.

The bottom line is this service is great. If you’re in the market for an affordable way to tweak your smile, especially given that a new year is rolling in soon, I’d recommend it. I have the”refer a friend” $100 off email (in which I get a $100 gift card in exchange, side hustle lol) that they give to all customers, so if any of my followers in the U.S. are interested in that email my blog and I will send it to you (win-win). Jokes aside, it takes 5-6 weeks for them to mail you your alignment package and only a few months to have straight teeth.

Candle Hour, Fall Candle Collection 🕯️

Happy Sunday night, a wonderful way to celebrate cold autumn weather is to light and enjoy a candle. Candles are perfect during chilly and rainy October and November days. I got gifted a Jo Malone candle scented lime and basil. The smell is reminiscent of what a high-quality spa would smell like, its soothing, velvety, and botanical.

I also purchased some Bath and Body Works candles from Cranberry Woods (not pictured) to White Pumpkin, Spiced Apple Toddy, Frosted Cranberry, and Fresh Balsam. I love that Bath and Body Works sells a plethora of fall-related scents. I prefer “homey” smelling scents that smell like Christmas trees like Fresh Balsam or fall staples like cranberry. From Rite Aid, I got tea light candle holders on sale for $2.00 and a pack of fall leaves scented tea lights to set the holiday season mood.

From Walmart I purchased the Apple Pie candle and Evergreen Spruce, both are effective at producing a strong enough smell to surround the room. The Evergreen candle is similar to the Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam one, it also smells like a Christmas tree. ❤

Favorite De-stress Videos

Hello, in this quick post I share some of my favorite de-stress YT videos. These videos help my tremendously when I feel anxious or overworked. I always get relaxed and motivated to keep working / studying after listening to binaural beats or ambient music. I recommend listening to one of these videos while drinking some hot tea and taking a few deep breaths. ❤

My birthplace NYC, in the spirit of being on the east coast again and planning a few New York City trips while I’m here, I’m starting off the list with an ambient (city noise – rain ) video of NYC

San Diego Road Trip

Check out my San Diego road trip pictures in this post. The road trip began at 1 am and we arrived from the Bay Area to San Diego at around 10:40 am. We stopped two times during the trip. I recommend starting a California road trip at midnight because there was little traffic for the most part. However, around 8am-9am the drive got a tad congested around Los Angeles. Granted even between 1 am to 4 am there were a fair amount of cars out but the ride was smooth. Once we got to San Diego, we started the day off with much-needed massages and facials.

We visited Tacos El Gordo. There are two restaurants in the area, we went to the most famous one with a larger parking lot. Address: 556 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91910. We ordered several tacos and all were delicious. The corn tortillas are made by hand in-house. I’d recommend trying the pastor tacos.

I highly recommend the Marriott hotel we stayed at during our trip. The building is brand new and beautiful. The room was exceptionally clean and nicely decorated. We luckily got a nice corner room with a window outside the front door. Hotel: TownePlace Suites San Diego Central

We went to the Encinitas beach during trip and enjoyed the sunset. See my sunset pictures above.