My Puppy’s (Estrellita’s) Favorites

Pawfume Blue Ribbon Premium Grooming & Finishing Spray – This dog perfume is unisex and has a fresh clean scent. It beats her previous baby powder cologne she used beforehand because this scent is less chemical smelling and it lasts longer. I also have noticed it makes her fur softer too. I purchased the cologne from Amazon and many reviews rave about this cologne for bigger dogs, messy puppies, and regular use in-between baths.

Gentle Wipes Baby Powder for Puppies – These wipes are sold at several pet shops. I love using them on her paws after walking outside. The baby powder scent is not overpowering and they effectively clean her light colored fur.

Tent Room with a lamp from Target – I’ve wanted a pet tent room for some time but I had a dilemma. I struggled to find one that was big enough to fit her crate. The dog tent that were extra large on Etsy were $250-400 on average. The pet tents sold online were either too small or too low in height for a crate or sold out. Then I thought why not use a kid’s tent instead because the width should be large enough to fit a crate and the cost was typically only $35-60. I decided to get this pink play tent from Target with a fairy lights chandelier for $45. The lamp comes with batteries. Her crate fit in perfectly and she immediately loved her new room.

Petco sweater dress with plaid skirt bottom – I find Petco clothing a bit hit or miss in sizing because my maltipoo is long but too small for size small clothing sometimes. However, the sweater dress fit her well though a little loose at the top but its a good thing because I’m sure her neck felt more comfortable with the extra space.

The Bear & the Rat Pumpkin Cinnamon Frozen Yogurt cups from Petco – My puppy LOVES these yogurt cups. They soothe her sore gums because she’s been loosing so many baby teeth these days. So far I’ve found three of her teeth on the floor. I let her eat half of the cup and then pop it back into the freezer and give her the other half another day.

Etsy Christmas dress and hand knit sweater dress pictured above – I love the craftsmanship of both dresses above. Both were delivered promptly at great prices, custom-made, and have excellent customer service.

Christmas photo competition photos, she won the contest!

Puppy’s homecoming preparation

I purchased a few products mainly from Amazon to prepare for my puppy’s homecoming in late August. I’ve found these products absolutely helpful so I thought I’d share.

I brush my puppy’s teeth daily and she loves her beef flavored puppy toothpaste from Paws and Pals. Since she’s teething she practically brushes her own teeth, the toothbrush looks human-like so she has so much fun chewing on it and massaging her gums with the bristles.

Another loved and practical item is her Furry Baby blanket. The fleece texture is safe for her to chew on as she falls asleep. The blanket is super warm as well.

Her puppy blanket set in elephant print size small are adorable and useful. She plays tug-of-war with them and the blankets hold strong. I’ve washed her blankets and beds several times and they’ve held up perfectly.

I started her off with a puppy teething toy set and eventually we went to Petco together and she picked out three more Halloween toys. She especially likes the sheep toy from Petco because of its soft texture. From the teething set her favorites are the rainbow bone, the banana with paper texture, the baby bottle, the donut, and the ropes.

Her Snuggle Puppy came in handy during her first days home. The stuffed animal has a heat pack and battery-powered heart that beats. The heat pack essentially has one use because it is activated by the air and lasts 24 hours. It can last longer if it is put in a zip-lock bag before 24-hours are up. The heartbeat heart has batteries included and it runs for 8 hours when turned on. She likes to play with her snuggle puppy rather than sleep with it but I do think it helps calm her down.


I got her two beds one is somewhat of a let-down, the extra-small pink bed. The extra-small is extremely small. She still fits but after eating she is almost too big for the bed and she’s only 2lbs. She does like to play with the bed and it holds up when she bites into it. When I repurchase I will get a size small instead. She gravitates towards this bed during day naps. She does like to hop into this bed to relax so it does serve its purpose. It is also very cute and comes in several colors.

Her other beige bed is preferred for sleeping at night. There is enough room to tuck some treats and toys on the side to help her settle down to sleep.

Other Products Pictured:

Pink Pet Waste Bags with dispenser

Plant Based Dog Wipes, Compostable

Play Pen – I love that this play pen is hard plastic and it is adaptable. It can work as a fence too to fence off areas like the front door. I spent hours picking this out because there are so many horror stories of puppies dying trying to escape from a cage or crate or getting stuck on the door. I chose a play pen without a door because of those stories. Eventually once she’s a little older I will just leave it partially open so she can go and come into it as she pleases.

Towels – Pink Towel Robe, Grey Towel Microfiber


Girl Puppy Diapers – another fail because she is so small she slides out of them.

Heart-patterned Outdoor Socks

Puppy Shampoo, Baby Powder Cologne for Dogs

Harness in Pink x-small – it is too big for her right now

Syringes – to administer medicine

Personalized Dog Basket Liner and the dark brown basket was purchased here as well

Personalized Two Tag Bundle

Happy puppy shopping ❤


Thank you Chocoviv Blog for nominating me for the Gamba WordPress Shining Star Award for Peace & Save Environment. ❤

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My 7 Questions:

Concept of Peace & Consumerism

1.) Given the interconnectedness of the world do you think all companies in all countries should adopt cruelty-free standards, or is it up to consumers to boycott questionable products?

Part and parcel to global peace are cherishing human life and animal life. I think that though it is an awesome idea for all companies to practice cruelty-free standards it is difficult to enforce strict rules across the board globally. Today we have a wealth of information at our fingertips and it is doable for people with the means to boycott products that test on living animals. However, unfortunately, the abundant information we have access to is sometimes confusing and misleading. What are your thoughts?

Concept of Peace & Community

2.) How can you build a community in your everyday life?

Given the social distancing measures most of the world currently upholds as of August 2020, I think a great way to build community is to practice kindness and etiquette online. The digital space has increased in importance and leaving a kind comment for a friend or stranger can make their day!

3.) Do you have a green thumb?

I do not have a green thumb. I’m dreadfully afraid of planting anything because I don’t want to plant something that will grow moldy and sad. However, I do love to enjoy nature outdoors because I believe it is one of the best ways to practice mindfulness.

Concept of Environment

4.) What is one thing you can do to improve the environment this week?

I love to recycle and donate my clothing because I think it can help under-resourced people, especially new or barely used work clothing. Donating clothing also helps create less waste. I also love using reusable straws when I can however due to covid I am sometimes unable to in outdoor restaurants.

5.) Do you like to volunteer? How can I volunteer virtually?

I enjoy volunteering in my private life and I’ve discovered online volunteer opportunities. Volunteering has several mental health benefits that can provide a little optimistic boost in your week. Check out this resource for virtual volunteering:

6.) What kind of sky do you prefer? Bright and blue with white clouds, a sunset/sunrise ranging from fairy-floss colors to vivid, or mysterious grey and stormy?

I love a blue sky with fluffy white clouds! As I’ve written in former blog posts sunsets and sunrises are favorites of mine. I love bright and colorful skies because I love color generally speaking.

7.) When was the last time you saw a waterfall in person?

I have not seen a waterfall in two years. The last time I saw one was in Iceland. Hopefully, this winter I will see one again.

What are your answers to my seven questions? Ponder them and leave a comment reply if you want. Take care


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Save The Environment

It’s not having only one person doing a hundred percent for the environment, but to have one…

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Autumn Wreath🍁🍁🍁

Hello everyone, happy Friday

I remade my wreath to transition it to a fall theme. I purchased all of the flowers, fall leaves, and the fall sign from Micheals with the 30% sale.

I used dark purple colored flowers, as well as orange and yellow ones. Additionally, I used the Pumpkin, Berry, Maple Leaf Fall Bush and a fall leaves bush.

Unlike the previous wreath this time I kept all the flowers together and only broke apart the fall bush to distribute the pumpkins, gourds, hay and leaves around the wreath to create balance.

I also barely used wire this time. I simply stuck the flowers underneath the wood. I used wire to stick the pumpkins and hay so it would not move. I also used wire for the fall sign to attach it to the bottom of the wreath.

link to wire used

The first time my mother and I made our wreath it took us an hour but this time we finished in about 15 minutes. This wreath design is simple and fun to make.

I hope this post gives you some ideas so you can create a wreath of your own too. Happy crafting! ❤

The Health Edit 🏋🏽‍♀️

Hey ya’ll, I thought I’d share some of the things I eat and drink to maintain health. Please note and know everyone’s health varies and you should consult your medical professional before taking any advice.

Here are my tips:

Kor Shots – Ginger – “Wellness”

As I’ve stated in a previous blog post, drinking ginger tea made by boiling ginger root is super healthful. Kor’s ginger shots are an excellent health pick-me-up. Ginger fights infection, additionally the shots have cayenne pepper and this combination of ingredients both boosts immunity and fastens your metabolism.

Kor shots are typically sold individually in most supermarkets and online at different retailers. It also is sold on the Kor Shots site itself. The shipping cost is a little steep at $20 however, the site does rotate promotions for free shipping.

Check out this article by Healthline to read more about ginger and other natural ingredients that fight viruses and infection.

Buddha Blend Immunity Tea

I love this tea so much because it helps keep your gut and body aligned. The tea is packaged in bleach-free bags and without any additives. The ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, and herbs that support respiratory health, specifically nettle leaf and hyssop.

Sorrel Loose Leaf Tea

Sorrel from Jamaica is well known in the Caribbean and Central America for its anti-viral properties and overall health benefits. My Panamanian grandmother always made my family drink it. It is typically found in ethnic supermarkets in the loose leaf form. It can be boiled with ginger root, strained, and cooled to become a beverage. A tip is to add more water to dilute it once it is ready and sugar to sweeten the tart flavor.

The age old garlic method – as most people know eating half of a whole raw garlic clove wonders to fight infection and illness as well because raw garlic is a natural antibiotic. Garlic can help fight summer allergies by acting as a natural decongestant. Check out this article for more information by HTC Health

I wish you health always! ❤

Inner Peace ~ A Photo Journal

Hey everyone! I thought I’d share some photos of a beach in Northern California on my blog that I took in January before lockdown. I love to look at my pictures and videos of the ocean while I do skincare to create a relaxing atmosphere.

I love the ocean because it conjures within me a feeling of completion, letting it all go, and a sensation of inner peace.

I urge that you take a few deep breaths today, in for 4 seconds, hold, and out for 4 seconds, and think of something that brings you inner peace.

I send you all peace and light today — take care ❤

Smile Direct Finished!

My Experience: I found that changing aligners only hurt slightly on the first day for an hour or two. Additionally, my teeth were sensitive to hard foods on the first day I switched to a new set of aligners but besides that, I never experienced that much pain. Overall, it was a very easy and smooth process. I changed my aligners as advised every week to two weeks as scheduled for my plan. Smile Direct emailed me to remind me when I had to change aligners and online I could track my progress and see how many aligners were left to use.

Now that the process is over, I’m glad I went with Smile Direct because the remote nature of the treatment plan worked out well given the current lockdown. Also, the five-month process was extremely fast. ❤



Let’s Get Crafty! D-I-Y Spring Door Wreath

Materials used plus scissors

Crafting is an excellent way to alleviate stress and distract the mind. Have you considered celebrating spring by creating a D-I-Y door wreath?

I purchased all of my materials from Micheals. Everything amounted to $37.39 – items used: 

1.) 24″ Grapevine Wreath by Ashland® – $10.63 **currently $9.99

link to wreath –

2.) White Mini Daisy by Ashland® (3) – 75 cents each

3.) Panacea™ Green Floral Wire, 26 Gauge (1) (To attach flowers to wreath) – $2.75

4.) Yellow Narcissus Bush by Ashland® (2) – $5.89

5.) Yellow Berry & Tea Leaf Bush by Ashland® (1) – $5.44

6.) Yellow Carnation Stem by Ashland® (1) – $2.59

Step 1

I took apart all of the flowers from the leaves to create double the amount of accessories to use with scissors.

I added the leaves from the Yellow Narcissus Bush to the back of the wreath to frame it and then put the Yellow Berry & Tea Leaf Bush on top using green floral wire to fasten each piece.

Step 2

I added the Yellow Carnation Stem to the front of the arrangement and then Yellow Narcissus Bush flowers after the Yellow Berry & Tea Leaf Bush. Lastly, I added the Mini White Daisies to the bottom with some green leaves and interspersed a few of them into the Yellow Narcissus Bush flowers.

Step 3

The wreath is all done! I would check out Pinterest for inspiration as well to get started. There are so many color and style options from lavender, to all orange, or all roses, to beach style, and wreath sizes to choose from online. I’d check out Micheals first because they currently have a sale for 20% off. Happy crafting! ❤

Spring Scents 🌺🌼

Purse Perfume of Choice – Floral Street, Neon Rose

Floral Street’s Neon rose makes the perfect spring purse perfume because it smells fresh and floral, but not overbearing. Additionally, I can still smell Neon Rose on my wrists after 6 hours of wear. It sinks into my skin and creates a delicate rose scent that encapsulates all things spring. This scent smells less sharp than my Floral Street Wild Vanilla Orchid fall scent.

Jo Malone Scent Mix:

Nectarine Blossom & Honey Body Lotion,Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne Scent, Blackberry & Bay Cologne

This scent mix makes warm, youthful yet sophisticated, and memorable combination. The Nectarine Blossom & Honey Body Lotion has key notes of cassis, acacia honey, peach. In my opinion, the lotion smells like sweat peachy champagne. It immediately sinks into my skin and leaves a soft sweet-smelling fragrance. It pairs beautifully with the Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne and Blackberry & Bay cologne. This scent combination is fruit meets honey and it makes a lasting impression. ❤