Puppy Homecoming #2, Puppy Master Post

Meet Lunita – I adopted a chocolate brown and honey blonde Yorkie earlier this month. Her coat is slowly changing to mostly blonde with a sprinkle of grey on her head and I imagine she will continue to change color. She’s been a lovely addition to the family and a sweet little sister to Estrellita….

Pup’s Spring Faves

Perfume – Hands down the best dog perfume I’ve ever come across iGroom perfume in scent Summer Fig for late spring and summer. As soon as we went to the park she got compliments on how she smells. It smells like human perfume (the scent is light, fresh, fig) and lasts several days. I purchased…

My Puppy’s 1st Birthday!

It was my Estrellita’s first birthday June 28th, and in this post I share the dog patio oceanfront restaurant we went to, her birthday cake bakery, and more. Biscuits, Give a Dog a Bone – 223 Jackson St, San Jose, CA 95112 – This pet store and bakery is located in Japan Town San Jose….