Grad School Stress

Solo studying

Grad school is stressful but in a different way than undergrad. I think it’s easy to feel directionless in graduate school because there is less emphasis placed on advising and not much student “hand-holding.”

In my case, the typical graduate school stress was coupled with the stress of living abroad on my own. I grew two grey hairs at 22! I’ve learned to just take it day by day and go easy on myself. This past semester’s workload felt lighter than undergrad but I know this situation won’t last long. The workload is two-fold this upcoming semester and the deadline for my dissertation nears closer and closer.

Still, I’m super excited to embark on a fresh start come next semester and get closer to the finish line to finish this MA. I hope to continue to practice self-care and better manage my studying time. My favorite self-care practice as of yet is getting facials and manicures when I can. ❤