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Hey ya’ll, I thought I’d share some of the things I eat and drink to maintain health. Please note and know everyone’s health varies and you should consult your medical professional before taking any advice.

Here are my tips:

Kor Shots – Ginger – “Wellness”

As I’ve stated in a previous blog post, drinking ginger tea made by boiling ginger root is super healthful. Kor’s ginger shots are an excellent health pick-me-up. Ginger fights infection, additionally the shots have cayenne pepper and this combination of ingredients both boosts immunity and fastens your metabolism.

Kor shots are typically sold individually in most supermarkets and online at different retailers. It also is sold on the Kor Shots site itself. The shipping cost is a little steep at $20 however, the site does rotate promotions for free shipping.

Check out this article by Healthline to read more about ginger and other natural ingredients that fight viruses and infection.

Buddha Blend Immunity Tea

I love this tea so much because it helps keep your gut and body aligned. The tea is packaged in bleach-free bags and without any additives. The ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, and herbs that support respiratory health, specifically nettle leaf and hyssop.

Sorrel Loose Leaf Tea

Sorrel from Jamaica is well known in the Caribbean and Central America for its anti-viral properties and overall health benefits. My Panamanian grandmother always made my family drink it. It is typically found in ethnic supermarkets in the loose leaf form. It can be boiled with ginger root, strained, and cooled to become a beverage. A tip is to add more water to dilute it once it is ready and sugar to sweeten the tart flavor.

The age old garlic method – as most people know eating half of a whole raw garlic clove wonders to fight infection and illness as well because raw garlic is a natural antibiotic. Garlic can help fight summer allergies by acting as a natural decongestant. Check out this article for more information by HTC Health

I wish you health always! ❤