Outfits of the Week

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Update: I just got sparkly glitter blue gel nails done to pay homage to Sunmi, a South Korean pop artist’s new mermaid-themed title song Siren. Any other kpop lovers out there? My outfits of the “week” are in reality a combination of outfits over the span of two weeks! I only have class one day a week and research meetings twice a week. I need to dress more stylishly without a purpose ha ha.  Also, I’m still trying to figure out how I want to format these posts.

The first outfit is what I wore to my program’s orientation. The plaid blue blazer is from Banana Republic (my favourite blazer place), the jeans are from Free People, button up is from New York and Company, and best of all, my new boots are from Tommy Hilfiger. The velvet srunchie is from Accessorize. I love my booties because they’re adaptable and can dress up any look. However, they were very uncomfortable to break into!

I need to find more comfortable heeled shoes. I want to wear heels more often because I like feeling dressy, but I don’t want to deal with feet torture. I’m looking into Everlane heels and I may purchase a pair.

The second outfit is a turtleneck dress from Reformation, tights and blazer coat from Penny’s, and fake gold hoops from a local beauty store back in the U.S. I’ve been wanting to shop at the pricy but sustainable clothing brand Reformation for a hot minute. So as soon as this dress went on sale I snagged it.

In outfit photo number 3 I am pictured in a New York and Company sweater and jeans. I wore my old Anthropologie suede thigh high boots. I love Anthropologie’s delivery service btw, they are one of my go-to brands to shop online. They pay attention to detail and package purchases really nicely.

I topped off that outfit with a black trench coat from New York and Company, and a inexpensive green scarf from Charming Charlie. My lavender pearl drop earrings are from Nouvelle Pearl.

In picture number 4, I’m wearing an old VS tan blazer, pink turtle neck (I don’t know where its from), lavender pearl necklace from Nouvelle Pearl, jeans from INC, and waterproof sneakers from Cole Haan.

In the next picture I am wearing my black trench again, a grey scarf from Charming Charlie, and old dark blue Levi’s. ❤