Smile Direct Finished!

My Experience: I found that changing aligners only hurt slightly on the first day for an hour or two. Additionally, my teeth were sensitive to hard foods on the first day I switched to a new set of aligners but besides that, I never experienced that much pain. Overall, it was a very easy and smooth process. I changed my aligners as advised every week to two weeks as scheduled for my plan. Smile Direct emailed me to remind me when I had to change aligners and online I could track my progress and see how many aligners were left to use.

Now that the process is over, I’m glad I went with Smile Direct because the remote nature of the treatment plan worked out well given the current lockdown. Also, the five-month process was extremely fast. ❤



Trying out Smile Direct

“After” animation


I’ve started Smile Direct teeth realignment and so far so good. I decided to try Smile Direct rather than Invisalign because it is substantially cheaper overall. The affordability is due to check-ups done virtually. At my consultation I got my mouth scanned and the employee explained the alignment process to me. The mouth scan was then sent to dentists to create the retainers.

My experience during the consultation was that the entire process would be very do-it-yourself. In the consultation room, there weren’t a bunch of hygienists and assistants around. I was alone in the room with my family and the employee. The process to take the 3-D pictures lasted about 10 minutes and then we went over any questions. From what the employee said I understand they accept many insurances and if they accept your insurance you get money reimbursed back at the end of the process.

The Process

The assistant asked what I would like to fix and she added in the notes and said the dentists would look at my mouth scan to create retainers in the appropriate sizes. The package she explained comes with several sets of retainers and instructions on when to change them as your teeth progress in realignment.

My plan came up to only 5 months for straight teeth with no gap! In truth, I’ve gotten used to my gap and honestly I’m fine with it (don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in front teeth lol) what bothers me is my overbite. I will update my blog with an after picture in 5 short months.

The bottom line is this service is great. If you’re in the market for an affordable way to tweak your smile, especially given that a new year is rolling in soon, I’d recommend it. I have the”refer a friend” $100 off email (in which I get a $100 gift card in exchange, side hustle lol) that they give to all customers, so if any of my followers in the U.S. are interested in that email my blog and I will send it to you (win-win). Jokes aside, it takes 5-6 weeks for them to mail you your alignment package and only a few months to have straight teeth.